Babies Acquire Listening Ability before Birth

Baby 18th October 2018

First of all, a baby learns the sound of her mother's voice in the womb.

"Since the sounds and voices coming from outside travel through the mother's abdominal tissue and amniotic fluid, the voices prenate hears are muffled around the fourth month," says Dr. Nitika Sobti, one of the best gynaecologists in Delhi.

For an instance, try singing a song while covering your mouth to have an idea of the muffled sound that your baby hears in the womb.

Listening Ability

Initiating in the second trimester, your prenate begins to listen to the tunes, noises, and voices that helps to get habituated to the external environment. The sound detection happens by a system of chambers, passageways, and labyrinths coupled with nerve cells that transfer the sound signals to the brains.

Though ears begin to develop after a week of conception, the ears comprising of a compound network of tubes pinches out of the head in the 6th week of pregnancy. The prenate can hear some limited noises by the 16th week. Whereas, the ears get activated to sound in 24 weeks. The simple soundtrack for your baby comprises the wheeze of air through the lungs, blood flowing through the artery, and burbling of your stomach.

As per the research, a louder sound makes it simpler for a baby to hear it. When the prenate was introduced to a loud rock music concert, it aroused a strong reaction in the form of violent kick in the womb from the prenate.

"The prenate hears his mother's voice clearly as the voice echoes through the bones apart from being communicated through the air," explains, Dr. Nitika Sobti, who practices in Max Super Speciality Hospital, Gurgaon. The prenate whose mother was withdrawn during pregnancy, fails to attain her accents. While the expecting father has to make extra efforts to make themselves heard to the baby, the sound transmission through air conduction and bone conduction gives the mother an advantage over father. Simultaneously, the mother requires to create a calming ambience around her womb to ensure good impact on her baby. Although a baby sleeps for 80-90% of the day in the womb, he still continues to hear sounds as the brain remains active.

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