Babies Attain Learning and Smell Sense before Birth

Pregnancy 13th August 2018

The baby's brain starts to develop during pregnancy and continues forming till early adulthood. Thus, like any other organ, it needs a strong foundation. The brain comprises of numerous different areas that controls all the things we do- from walking, hearing, to how we feel and take decisions.

Sense of Learning - Babies start to use majority of their senses to collect information of the world around them which makes them well prepared for the life ahead. Prenatal learning ability covers the wide area of smells, tastes, and sight. The flavors tend to pass through the amniotic fluids to the prenate.

Sense of Language- It assists prenates to get familiarized with their native language. In an experiment, it was found that the prenate sucked deeply when the prenate heard speech sounds rather than non-speech sounds. This confirms the fact that language learning starts within the womb. Similarly in another experiment, the babies who were exposed to nursery rhymes in the womb responded intensely to a changed melody than the ones who were not familiarized to the rhymes. Thus, an expecting mother should cautiously choose the sounds she is hearing for her baby's optimal dvelopment.

Sense of Smell- Smell is the most progressive sense that a baby has at birth. This helps your baby to attach to you. It further improves digestion. The baby's nose begins to develop from the 6th week and get fully-developed by the 15th week. Nose has fine hair which acts as nerves that transmit messages to the brain. In an experiment, when babies were introduced to different odors on cotton swab, they reacted by either disliking or appreciating the odors. Each baby reacted to the pleasant odor with satisfaction and was repelled at an intolerable smell.

Therefore, this restates the fact that a baby begins to develop the sense of smell in the mother's womb. Such studies highlight the presence of sense of learning in the unborn babies.

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