Body Awareness: Body-Mind balance during pregnancy

Spiritual Connection 6th August 2018

During pregnancy, body awareness aims to raise the consciousness of body sensation. It refers to building a sense of "connectedness" between body and mind. As a matter of fact, when the mind takes rest in a physical felt sense in the body, it helps in calming of the mind. The same way, prenatal yoga classes during for pregnancy definitely inspire and motivate a high degree of body awareness.

Feeling Good Exercises- Breathing exercise can be very helpful for the expecting mother. The aim is to establish a balance between mind, body, and soul. Feeling Good exercises can be beneficial for the expecting mothers as it helps people to maintain harmony between the mind and the body. Moreover, it helps the mothers to connect deeply with their babies within the womb.

Mother's Mental (Mind) Health: Apart from general health, medical tests, viral markers, complete blood counts, ultrasounds, we need to focus on creating a healthy mind. Healthy emotional diet is required to create pure thoughts, pure feelings in the mind.

Medical research today has proven that our brain, the thoughts that which we are creating, our brain is in sync with the people around us. The hormones which are released by our brain, those same hormones are released by the brains of the people around us. That is why we have similar thought patterns. Therefore, it is necessary to remain positive to release feel good hormones to the baby.

You can look at images of the baby and start bonding with your little angel by having a loving conversation with your baby, by meditation, relaxation, breathing exercises, connecting to the divine and being aware of your inner world and space.

To give birth to a cheerful soul, don't forget to stay healthy and happy mentally!

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