Breastfeeding Keep Mother and Baby Together

Breastfeeding 27th August 2018

The bond that a mother and baby share grows stronger with the emotional eye contact while breastfeeding. Meditation and relaxation techniques like staying composed while breastfeeding seems very helpful for the baby to relax as well.

Helps you tie the bond with your inner self-
Breastfeeding is about bringing yourself very close to your most natural function of feeding, caring and nurturing. The mothers who breastfeed their babies are better able to transition successfully into motherhood as they are able to experience the maternal qualities of love, care, compassion, service, and nurturing within themselves during this period.

In simple words, breastfeeding allows you to connect with your true self-a being of love, compassion, and care. It also empowers you as you feel completely satisfied at being able to nourish your baby and as being the most important person who can fulfill all the needs of your baby. In turn, this feeling also increases self-esteem. Therefore, the sacred act of breastfeeding lets you connect more deeply to your soul and helps disconnect from the consciousness of the bodily attachments.

It develops emotional & spiritual bonding with your baby-

A skin-to-skin contact and holding your baby close to you establishes a deep emotional bond with your baby. Your baby gets to feel your touch, experience your vibrations and love, enjoy your smell and feels secure, protected and comforted in your presence. The baby is a gift to you from God. Since the eyes are meant to be the window of the soul, during the eye contact, there is an exchange of powerful energy that reaches the soul.

The mouth to nipple contact is yet another very secure feeling for the baby as he experiences an instant connection with you. Your divine child is instrumental in awakening the feelings of motherhood within you and helps you to connect to your inner self. While feeding your angel, you should allow your loving vibrations to reach him/ her and notice how he/she responds to your pure and unconditional love.

To give birth to a cheerful soul, don't forget to stay healthy and happy mentally! To gain more knowledge about pregnancy, stay connected with Virtue Baby!

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