Virtue Baby Hosted a Program on 'Create Your Child's Personality in the Womb - The Time is Now'

Press Release 5th December 2018

NEW DELHI, India, On Sunday, December 2nd, 2018, the auditorium of Suncity School, Gurugram was brimming with words of enlightenment on how to nurture a baby while it is still in the womb.

A workshop on the subject 'Create Your Child's Personality in the Womb -- The Time is Now' was organized by Dr. Nitika Sobti, Principal Consultant and Unit Head {Gynaecologist/Obstetrician} at Cloud Nine, Sector 47, Gurugram, where she and renowned Brahma Kumari teacher Sister Shivani spoke at length about nurturing the baby in the womb.

The program saw a crowd of over 250 expecting parents and parents with children up to three years.

It began with a lamp-lighting ceremony followed by insights from Dr. Nitika Sobti, where she emphasized that there was enough scientific evidence on the significance of connecting with the 'little angel' before the baby sees the light of the world.

"You have the power to activate the subconscious mind of your angel. We are talking so much about reducing Caesarian rates and encouraging natural birth. But when should it start? You think we can start just before labor? You think we can start just before we are down in the line? We have to start when we are planning," she said.

The program further explained how the mother's experiences, feelings and thoughts get imprinted onto the baby's brain within the womb and results in shaping the baby's unconscious programming for the lifetime.

Sharing the spiritual aspect of the theme, Sister Shivani inspired the audience to imbibe within themselves the ability to develop a closer connection with their baby at the divine level. At the beginning of her address, she asked the audience members to close their eyes and visualize their baby – not the physical characteristics of the child but the personality.

Sister Shivani then described how change of one sanskaar in the parents can change the overall personality of the child. She said, "Ask yourself that what is the one shift I need to bring in myself to create my child's personality. And every time you are visualizing the child, you have to add 'happy always' to that visualization apart from being humble, respectful and content."

She also added that each one of us is spiritual. "What is spiritual? Spiritual comes from the word 'spirit' and spirit means soul; soul means energy. This energy has been given different names in different languages – light, consciousness, soul, power. What is important is to understand the meaning of the word!"

It was a day filled with emotions and inspiration.

Videos of the event would be posted on the Virtue Baby Youtube Channel in the coming weeks. The photos of the event are available on our facebook page and website

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