Virtue Baby Hosted a Program on "Creating Your Child's Personality: The Time Is Now" for Celebrating Motherhood!

Press Release 22nd April 2018

Virtue baby conducted a free program for the expectant parents on the importance of Pre-natal Bonding and Birth Psychology on 22nd April 2018 (9:00am- 1:00pm) at India International Centre, New Delhi, India!

At the colorful gathering, addressing nearly 300 expectant patients, Dr. Nitika Sobti Principal Consultant, Unit Head- Obs & Gynae, Max Hospital, while informing on how to plan their child's personality since first nine months are integral in forming their child's entire life said:

"All values that a would-be- mother inhibit or practice in daily routine life, greatly affect her body's reactions and hormones to get generated accordingly. This, in turn, influences her baby within the womb. Thus, the importance of 'Garbh Sanskar' plays a huge role since it is connected with science. Both of them should go hand in hand. Every thought is important- the way the mother feels, thinks and reacts as it affects the personality of the baby for the lifetime. Most importantly, I believe in spirituality which teaches us to 'Nurture the Nature'!"

Dr. Nitika also quoted down a study done in Hungary on 149 mothers, the results concluded that the parents who had harmonious relationship with each other resulted in giving birth to healthier babies, less complications and good birth weight babies.

This program provided inspirational insights on introducing values/virtues that demonstrates the concept of Garbha Sanskar i.e. Birth Psychology. Moreover, how important is to nurture or educate the baby within the womb to ensure an emotionally strong and morally uplifted generation. The program further explained how mother's experiences, feelings and thoughts get imprinted onto the baby's brain within the womb and results in shaping his unconscious programming for the lifetime.

The event was further honored with the great presence of BK Sister Shivani, with her great holistic insights into spirituality, the expecting parents were empowered with great spiritual power at the divine level.

Moreover, Mrs. Paridhi Jain, one of the virtue baby parent shared her entire pregnancy experience with all the expecting patients in the program. With happiness and pleasure, she thanked Dr. Nitika Sobti and Sister Shivani for sharing their guidance and knowledge of birth psychology and baby-mother bonding which resulted in her perfect pregnancy and child birth experience. She further encouraged others pregnant women to seek a closer connection with their babies in the womb for a positive and smooth experience during pregnancy and child birth.

Keynote Speakers included:

• BK Sister Shivani
Global Inspirational Speaker, "Awakening with Brahma Kumaris" TV Program

• Dr. Nitika Sobti
Principal Consultant, Unit Head- Obs & Gynae, Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi, Birth Psychology Educator | Virtue Baby Founder

Guest of Honor: The event was dignified by Dr. Jaideep Malhotra. President | FOGSI – 2018, Director | Rainbow IVF.

The Message: "The biggest project of the life for the expecting parents is to empower themselves with positive and pure intentions by practicing virtues or values each day throughout nine months. The first home for the baby is 'Garbh' – Garbh stands for the place in the temple where the statue of the god is placed! This very awareness answers the vital importance of giving birth to a baby!


In our day-to- day hustle-bustle of stressful life, people have altogether forgotten the value of being morally, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually uplifted. Thus, such initiative by Virtue Baby by Dr. Nitika Sobti guides the would-be- parents on how to lead the phase of parenthood.

Virtue baby intends to arrange more Interactive Educational Sessions with gynecologists, psychiatrists, spiritual guides, yoga experts, dietician, and pediatrician to share knowledge about the mother and the baby's physical, mental & emotional well-being.

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