Health 11th May 2017

These sounding words and advises of, whether you did this or did that? Is often heard from every corner you visit. Elderly women at home are always seen giving enormous advices to you every now and then, but the fact is it these are all myths. Some or the other hit and try methods, and we are sure the life of that new being is no hit and trial thing. The doctors after years of studies have figured out the reason behind all most all the happenings during pregnancy in your body. Here, we have some myth breakers at hand for you to have a healthy and safe pregnancy journey.


It is often seen and believed that an expecting mother is required to eat more, as her added calories will help the baby to be healthy. However, the fact says you need to following a healthy and balanced diet which should be rich in nutrients and less in the food that you crave and eat, namesake your little one.


The past records and facts have established that, the body during pregnancy is weekend due to continuous changes in the immune system. Such changes occurs as the body is getting adapted to various pregnancy requirements. Therefore the immune system closely get trapped with viruses of flu , and it is a convenient advise of doctor to get the flu shot as it is beneficial for both mother and baby. The baby with this flu vaccination gets protected against flu trap for the first six months of his life.


We have often seen that a hidden doctor stays in each of us, who always decides for things himself. Being sure of no consequences. So now it's no more you it's a life of you two, so allow your practitioner to be taking those decision calls for you. Explain them beforehand about all the medicines you had been taking in the past, let the doctor say what all needs to be followed as a healthy precaution.


It is an utmost requirement for your baby to have a good doctor, so that all goes smooth and healthy. Look for that advisory right from the start of the third trimester, having chosen third trimester as the search of the doctor gives you ample time at hand to decide among the best doctor for you. As at this point of time you need someone you feel comfortable with.


The growing pregnancy, envisages in itself a lot of other challenges. The daily chorus gets a little disturbed due to your health, so it is no harm to look for help from the people around. As having people around for help even allows you to stay engaged in chats and discussing the phases you are going through. So it is advisable to be with your folks all the time.

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