Science 24th May 2017

The good news is that you are pregnant, but with it comes in some soring issues. You are going to have some sleepless and uncomfortable nights but all for the baby is worth a toil. The sore breast and some discomfort in your favorite position to sleep is all due to the rising progesterone levels in your body. Mother Nature has beautifully carved the women body in a way that it nurtures a baby in the womb.

No more sleeping on your back

Try using your sides, you mommies, as sleeping on your sides relaxes your aching back and make you breath the comfort of sleep. So here a good night sleep solution for you, go on trying it tonight.

Disconnect from gadgets two hour before sleep

The added discomfort, is your gadgetry addiction, so switch it off and retire your mind with some comforting book reading and some good time with your partner. Hey, then don't give it a second thought, it is indeed a one stop solution for your sleepless nights.

Have a back and shoulder massage

So mommies was it a Jam-packed day deed today? And are those aching muscles bothering you?? Get some arranged for your partner and ask him to give a relaxing and soothing back and shoulder massage. As it relaxes the stiff muscles and bring them back to ease.

OH! What Say for a Hot Water Shower?

With the very thought of spending some quality time with your hot shower makes me feel revived. The sprinkling hot water loosen up your body which acquires stiffness with the routine actions and homely task marathon race. Go mommies, have a shower before retiring to bed, the sleep will be a bliss.

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