Foundations for a Healthy Relationship with your Baby: The Beginning

Pregnancy 23r Nov 2020

The creation of a healthy bond with your partner is to be followed by sending the conscious invite to your baby. What matters is how you send thoughts of love and warm wishes into the Universe having the intention of inviting the little angel is soul. On a spiritual level, we all are the beings of energy; our thoughts create energy patterns that stretch out to the other beings as directed.

With this awareness, you tend to appreciate the oneness of souls and already build a deep bond with your future baby before conceiving.

  • Communicate by sending out warm, positive, and loving invitations to your baby each morning and evening to welcome your baby.
  • Create a list of things you will do to ensure the wellbeing of your baby when he comes.
  • Narrate out good reads to invite him loudly as to ensure your thought is being conveyed to your baby.

Inviting the Soul with Love:

  • Once you choose to have a baby, you should begin to invite your little baby angel with all the loving vibes. Promising, powerful, encouraging, and pure feelings from both the parents attract the soul to take birth as your baby. The moment you plan, each thought you create can either pull closer or push off your baby towards you.
  • Each night when both of you gets prepared to go to bed, you can consciously picture how you want your baby to be. Simultaneously, you can mentally invite the little angel into your womb. With the help of your powerful and positive thoughts, you can refine, strengthen, and build a safer place for your baby.

Mental Exercise:

Find a peaceful place, sit together with your spouse in a relaxed position. Then, softly hold each other hands, turning towards each other and adoringly assert your deep belief in conception. Lastly, express to each other your honest wish to conceive and start to invite your baby in the womb conveying warm and peaceful words.

To give birth to a cheerful soul, do not forget to stay healthy and happy! To gain more knowledge about pregnancy, stay connected with Virtue Baby!

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