How to Consciously Create the Bonding with your Baby in the Womb

Pregnancy 03rd October 2018

During pregnancy, you should make sure that whatever you do is right for you and your baby.

Most importantly, you should consciously connect and communicate with your baby.

Since your consciousness affects the very growth of your baby's organs and brain, you should try to keep on building the attachment with your baby.

How One Can Develop The Attachment–

  • Communicate with the Baby– During this phase, sending loving messages to your baby helps to build the attachment and you can also feel his responses from within. While communicating with your baby, your baby tends to feel whatever you are feeling or thinking. This sort of regular communication would help you and your baby to grow a stronger bond and to build love for each other in the process.

  • Touch to Feel– Gently massaging and placing your hands over your tummy to feel and pamper your cute baby works wonderfully. As a matter of fact, your baby feels the vibration and soft strokes of your touch. Simultaneously, you feel your own heart beat merging with your baby's gentle movement which is indeed a beautiful moment to cherish.

  • Make Promises to your Little One– As you begin to form intimate bond with your baby, you need to know how essential it is to make promises to your baby and to yourself. Make sure you make lovable promises throughout each day for caring and sharing your life with your angel.

  • Find Silence and Take Pause– Take short pauses every once and then to ensure the time taken for building this precious bond. Despite your busy schedule, it is necessary to keep a constant check on the bond with your baby. In contrary cases, as soon as you become aware of your disconnection with the baby due to any reason, gradually try to reinforce your connection. This very awareness for yourself and for your baby will help you bond with each other. Therefore, taking silent pauses throughout the day would make your baby more involved with you.

To give birth to a cheerful soul, don't forget to stay healthy and happy mentally! To gain more knowledge about pregnancy, stay connected with Virtue Baby!

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