How to travel safely during pregnancy

Pregnancy 23rd June 2017

To travel or not to travel during pregnancy is a dilemma that every woman faces! Travelling can certainly lead to elevation of an individual's consciousness. It is also known to stimulate a person's spiritual development by widening the horizons of the mind.

It helps us traverse from the mundane to the transcendental and diverse landscapes.

Researches have proved that the environment a mother offers to her baby within the womb plays a pivotal role in the development of the baby.

While travelling is not prohibited during gestation, it is advised to do so with certain precautions.


How safe is it for mothers-to-be to travel by air? Airlines have varying restrictions for pregnant women. Some airlines do not permit to travel if you are more than 32 weeks pregnant. Hence, ask an airline representative about the restrictions.

Air travel may involve risk since the change in pressure may cause damage to the membranes of the uterus. Renowned gynaecologist Dr. Nitika Sobti recommends that women who have any sort of complications associated with their pregnancy or who are considered to be "high risk" shouldn't travel by air during the later weeks of pregnancy. Take requisite immunisations before travelling to a foreign country.


Unless absolutely necessary, it is advisable to avoid long journeys, especially during the first three months. Keep in mind the following suggestions while driving:

  • Take frequent breaks (every hour preferably) to avoid excessive fatigue.
  • Wear the seat belt low on the hips and not on the abdomen to avoid undue pressure.
  • Move the seat as far as possible from the dashboard.
  • Avoid leaning or reaching forward.


If you fancy spending some time on the sea to unwind during pregnancy, make sure to check with your physician first. Avoid it altogether if you are prone to motion-sickness, high-risk or are experiencing complications.

Consult the cruise line about their boarding policies and review the route and port-of-calls. Also ensure that there are health care providers on board.

Carry healthy snacks to avoid on-the-trip nausea, plan ahead and take all essential steps to make your trip safe and comfortable. Travelling can also work as a therapy for your mind and body. Happy journey!

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