Maintaining a Happy Pregnancy Brings Forth a Lifetime Gift

Pregnancy 23rd June 2017

29 year old Seema Gupta and her husband from Mumbai were blessed with a charming baby girl in May. After having witnessed a couple of unfortunate miscarriages in the family, the couple took every possible measure to ensure a normal delivery.

Seema decided to give significant importance to her mental health, as much as her clinical health. Sadly, most couples in India still tend to ignore the impact of surroundings on mental health of pregnant women.

No more studies are required to show importance of a good mental health during pregnancy. The experiences you go through impacts the baby. It's been scientifically proven.

But maintaining a happy pregnancy is easier said than done; an expectant mother faces numerous challenges during pregnancy, from unsupportive partners to the stress of pregnancy itself. To make things worse, women prefer keeping mum about the stress they deal with.

One of the biggest contributors to mental strain is loneliness. "The hardest part was to keep myself busy after I took a break from work", says Seema. As the husbands mostly stay out for good 12-14 hours, most women are virtually left with no one to communicate with. Some might chat with their friends or family members, but it doesn't help in the long run.

Dr. Nitika Sobti, Sr. Consultant – Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Max Healthcare, enkindled the idea of helping women with Virtue Baby Kit.

Virtue Baby Kit takes care of the hearts and minds of expecting parents, who are planning to bring forth a new life into the world. The kit consists of four extremely helpful fragments, which are listed below.

  • All For Baby Scrapbook: Craft your own pregnancy journal and create priceless memories.
  • Virtue's Storybook: It's an educational book that assists you in introducing the child to good morals.
  • Relaxation Videos: They are based on the vibe and aura of different colours, and every colour holds special significance that activates new and positive energies which are passed onto the child.
  • Meditation Commentaries: Therapeutic audio visuals that bring peace and calmness in you.
  • Womb Conversation Book: Doctors advise women to connect with their babies by talking to them. This book helps you do just that.
  • Yoga/Physiotherapy Guidelines: Physiotherapy and Yoga brings down the chances of complications and treats various body pains women experience during pregnancy.

Saying that Virtue Baby Kit is the gem every expecting mother needs would be putting it rather mildly. We strongly suggest you to have it – it's going to help you immensely.

Virtue Baby Kit is available on Amazon India. Those residing outside India can email us at We will ship it to you.

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