Pregnancy 30th May 2017

The calibration of bearing a new life right in your womb, demands a lot from a woman. She needs to mend her life upside down to tailor all the arrangements in fixing her health regime. A woman has to re-craft herself to healthily continue with her pregnancy. She needs purities to make her body a temple to let a new life reside in it in all the health and hygiene.

Hey Mommies, Wash your hands

It might be a practice that you have been following so far, but make it a religious practice now. You can't be lazy any more, stop substituting hand wash with sanitizer. Since acclaimed studies have proven that use of sanitizer is harmful, and you can't be choosing anything harmful for your little bunny. Get up and wash that dirt away.

Brush, Brush, Brush It Properly

Pregnancy is responsible for many changes in a woman's body. Besides rise in hormonal activity and sore breast, there's another concern added on the list. It's maintaining good dental hygiene. Make dental visits a part of your routine, just like your visits to the gynecologist. Poor dental hygiene of the mother may lead to periodontal disease. This disease is very dangerous as it may reach your fetus through infected amniotic fluid and risk factors like premature birth and low birth weight may heighten the impact of periodontal disease on your unborn child.

Vaginal Hygiene

Be careful to consider what you clean your vagina with during pregnancy. Numerous lotions, bubble baths, tampons can lead to irritation and allergy and since the vagina is in close contact and is the pathway to your uterus, it may infect the fetus as well. Maintain overall hygiene and shower everyday unless your doctor advises against it. Keeping your body clean will not only prevent infections but also make you more comfortable during this testing period of pregnancy.

Breast Care

As early as the fourth month of pregnancy, your breasts may start producing a secretion known as colostrums. This liquid indicates your body's preparation for breastfeeding. At times, the fluid may leak and make your breasts damp and itchy. If this happens to you, wear breast pads that soak up the excess liquid and prevent cracked nipples. Wash your breasts with water and unscented soap avoiding the area of the nipples as this could dry the skin further.

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