Planning a Healthy Relationship with your Partner

Pre-Conception 04th Dec 2020

When the very thought of having a baby crosses your mind, the same moment your journey to motherhood starts. But what matters is, how you and your spouse decide on to build this relationship with each other and with the baby. Since you both have complete control over your decisions and choices, it can greatly affect the quality of relationships with your baby.

Creating a strong relationship between the two of you lays the foundation to welcome the new member in a safe, healthy and happy atmosphere. Therefore, before you plan to conceive, it is necessary that you build a healthy relationship based on the foundation of human values and virtues- Respect, love, purity, and compassion etc. In order to build the foundation of a strong relationship with your baby, as future parents, you should do a relationship quality check to ensure good interpersonal bond. The quality of relationship and energy between the couples greatly affects the personality of the baby as the baby finds himself in the same environment.

Strengthen your relationship with your partner-

  • Work things out with your partner to ensure good and stable relationship depending on respect, love, and trust before conceiving.
  • Sit down with your partner together and evaluate the relationship; if you come across any differences, try to solve them together.
  • As future parents, begin to pledge yourselves to move into this sacred bond or make little personal or joint commitments.
  • Once in a while, check on how much committed you are to your promises and if not, make required changes.
  • Meeting close friends or going on a spiritual rest to a distant place.
  • If you both disagree on some matter, communicate honestly and openly to sort it out.
  • Begin to involve yourself in recreational activities or hobbies that make you happy.

To give birth to a cheerful soul, don't forget to stay healthy and happy! To gain more knowledge about pregnancy, stay connected with Virtue Baby!

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