Pregnancy 14th June 2017

Maternal bond is the most sacred of all relationships. The love a mother has for her child is considered to be the strongest connection in nature. The bonding is so deep that the thoughts during pregnancy – negative or positive- get conveyed to the unborn baby, who acquires consciousness long before his/her birth.

However, not all pregnancies are planned, and thus it becomes vital to understand how 'being unwanted during pregnancy' can affect the overall development of the child and the pristine parent-child bond.

Thorough studies by psychologists have time and again proved that the mere connotation of being 'unwanted' can ink a permanent mark on the child. Consequently, the emotional, physical as well as social well-being of the child gets affected.

Medical research suggests that babies unwanted at conception, gestation, or both, were found to be of smaller length and reduced weight. Unwanted pregnancies also resulted in cases of premature birth. The children thus born had higher chances of having celebral palsy and mental retardation, and hence a higher mortality rate.

When life bestows this gift in your womb, the onus is upon you to embrace it as a natural progression and develop positive thoughts about pregnancy. Because the feeling of being undesired by that one person who is supposed to love you the most can have devastating consequences on the child.

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