Role of Family


Pregnancy isn't just hard on the back -- it can be hard on the soul. Stress, anxiety, and ups and downs often come with the territory. Your partner, family, and friends can comfort you when you're feeling vulnerable, though each in a different way. In fact, targeting who best listens to your concerns may be the most effective way to get the help you need, say experts.

Family support can serve as the foundation of security and growth for an expectant mother and baby. Expert suggests that family support has a positive impact on the attitude of pregnant.

Today's obstetricians encourage the family's participation during the entire course of pregnancy. Ideally one or two members accompany a pregnant woman during every prenatal visit to her doctor. This will even help the family members to connect with baby and also lend a helping hand to the mother. Simple gestures of family support and attachment are of importance during and after pregnancy. Taking an active role in deciding when to have children helps to strengthen the parents' communication skills before baby even arrives. Learning how mom's body is changing and how baby is growing can also help dad get more excited and involved. At some locations, such as Circle of Care, we offer well baby checks and love to see dads taking an active role in their baby's health.

The role that mothers play in pregnancy is clear and defined. They're the vessel that carries their child into the world. Their well-being plays an important role in the development of new life. But a mother to be is only one part of the picture. New research is being done on the importance of fathers during pregnancy and how their involvement can lay the foundation for healthier moms and babies.

A Dad's Guide to Pregnancy


Prepare emotionally: It is just as important for dads as it is for moms to be emotionally ready when having a baby. Nine months gives time for dads to read about babies and what to expect, particularly if being around young children will be a new experience.

Stay healthy together: You can support the health of your pregnant partner and your baby- to-be by cooking and eating healthy meals together and exercising together (take walks or do yoga, etc. per doctor's recommendations) throughout the pregnancy.

Be proactive: Because the physical demands fall on moms, your partner may especially appreciate if you are proactive in offering help around your home and/or any help related to the pregnancy or with preparing for the baby. Don't wait to be asked, and look for places you can make a difference.

Be present: Sometimes your physical and emotional presence is all that is needed to help share the pregnancy.

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