The natural ways to lower down the odds of having a C-Section of a Pregnant Women

Pregnancy 26th October 2017

As per the meta-analysis, women who eat healthily and exercise throughout pregnancy tend to lessen their odds of a cesarean section. Weight gain is common during pregnancy, but excess weight gain can have harmful impacts on both mother and baby. Weight gain can place a woman at danger for a disorder called preeclampsia during the entire process.

Owing to the excess weight of the mother, the baby too tends to have a high birth weight which can lead to baby's risk of medical issues such as high blood pressure and obesity during childhood. Moreover, as Dr. Nitika suggests, extra weight gain can result in augmented chances of a C-section which is more dangerous than a normal vaginal delivery. Though C-sections are taken as safe, there still remain chances of risk as it includes major surgical procedures.

As per the study held by the International Weight Management in Pregnancy Collaborative Group, the pregnant women who thoroughly adhered to a healthy diet and exercised managed to gain 0.7 kilograms (1.5 lbs.). This was less than the pregnant women who did not adhere to these healthy lifestyle patterns. Furthermore, women who followed healthy lifestyle were 9 percent less expected to have a C-section.

The study was held to evaluate weight management involvements for pregnant women. In accordance with that, pregnant women gained from proper diet and exercise irrespective of their weight. Since C-section involves main abdominal surgery along with all the complications and risks that revolves with that, the women shall start to follow the healthy lifestyle.

Thus, following good nutrition and exercise lifestyle patterns can keep the expectant women away from cesarean delivery. Women are more likely to labor successfully only when they stay healthy. Additional to that, staying healthy assists in lessening the anxiety which leads to a healthy labor process.

Exercises will make muscles stronger that need to work the most during labor. The stronger the muscles, the stronger it becomes the chances of avoiding a C-section. Keeping this in mind, doctors should encourage women to exercise during pregnancy as it is safe to do so. Besides, doctors shall reason out why not doing so could be dangerous.

To give birth to a cheerful soul, don't forget to stay healthy and happy! To gain more knowledge about pregnancy, stay connected with Virtue Baby.

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