Birth Story - Dr. Tushar & Dr. Vedica


  Dear Dr. Nitika Sobti,

My association with you is 2 years from now when we were expecting our 1st child. We were so very overjoyed but at the same time scared and anxious about the whole journey. The 1st time we met you, we were touched by your warm nature and smile and most of all the positive attitude you had.  All my anxieties and worries washed out after talking to you and getting to know about the ‘Virtue Baby’ Project which I would say is a boon in today’s world.

  All my antenatal check-ups were going fine and I followed all of your advice to bring forth a virtuous baby. I kept a calm nature without getting angry over petty issues, carried a positive attitude and also changed my diet to Sattvik Home-cooked food to give positive vibration and energy to the divine angel within my womb. Through your teachings, we learned about creating the initial bond with the child from the very starting of the pregnancy journey and provided the angel a positive loving peaceful environment mentally and physically to grow in the womb.

  Everything was going well, but at 22 weeks of gestation, I started to bleed heavily and had to be admitted. I stayed in the hospital for about 20 days and I only could go through that phase since I was instilled with so much positivity in me through the virtue baby project, but unfortunately, I went into preterm labor and lost my baby boy. I was really shattered and heartbroken as I thought now motherhood was over for me and would never happen since I also had a tubal blockage. But, Dr. Nitika, even at this time also your positivity kept me going and pulled me out of this phase. U told me...

  "God tests those of his children who are the strongest and he sure has a better plan for us and that my baby boy was at peace now and was destined for only so much time with us."

  U told me and made me believe that within a year I would be holding my child in my arms. Though I was not really hopeful, your words were a delight ray of hope and pulled me out if this difficult time. And we know it mam that it actually turned out to be true; within a year I was with my baby. I embarked 2nd time on my pregnancy journey and you were my anchor and we had to fight all odds to make this the most memorable and blissful journey.

  Moreover, I made all lifestyle changes- sattvik diet, created a positive vibe and calm nature. At times I got anxious and scared due to the last experience but then I had the Gayatri Mantra and the music from the Virtue baby kit which calmed me down. I would read aloud stories from the virtue baby storybook to instill the virtues in our child. We created a peaceful and loving environment at home to send such energy to the divine angel in my womb and keep the angel away from all negative emotions of anger lust greed arrogance and ego.

  I and my husband started meditating together and we knew our baby was feeling the connection and bond with us as our baby would be kicking the most at this time. We knew, through the virtue baby program, we had already created a strong bond with our angel before even she was born. Due to your counseling and positive words my family was convinced to wait for natural /normal labor and delivery and not go for a c-section since I had a high-risk pregnancy with one preterm labor and single tubal blockage.

  As the term was coming to an end I started getting a little more nervous, but your teaching of ‘labor of love’ washed out all my worries for a normal delivery. The exercises u told me and mental attitude u instilled in me, gave me an assurance that I could go ahead with the normal delivery without any fear and everything would stay fine. At this time to keep myself strong, I would daily read aloud the Virtue baby note which you gave me and I think sums up all the teachings and knowledge of the same. I would like to mention that here.

  "I am a divine being, my every thought word and behavior is full of love and respect for all.

  I accept everyone as they are.

  My body is my angel's temple.

  Everything I read, listen, watch, eat, and drink is Sattvik.

  Prasad for my angel.

  My angel is divine, happy, healthy and full of love.

  My angel has come to give happiness to all and create a beautiful world.

  God's purity encircles around me.

  I and my angel are protected by Gods power.

  Thank u god for my happy healthy angel."

  All these simple lifestyle changes helped our family to get closer to one another and to understand even better. Yes, these simple lifestyle changes made us better human beings. I would like to recommend all expecting parents to adapt to the simple changes and see for themselves the miracle it does to us and bring forth our virtue babies in this world. Finally, with all the effort, I was induced for labor on 4th of October and went into active labor on 5th October at 5 a.m. It was such a sweet labor of love that all my fears vanished and it was not a dreadful pain but a sweet pain of love and within not much time of pushing I was holding my baby girl in my arms weighing 3.8kg at 7.28 a.m.

  I had a normal vaginal delivery and made immediate skin to skin contact with my girl and she even breastfed within half an hour of birth. That has created a special bond with her. Now she is a happy peaceful child but has her episodes of being cranky which I owe to my anxieties during pregnancy due to my 1st pregnancy. Yes, when nothing calms her down and she is cranky, only the Gayatri Mantra helps her. This is how I have realized the power of music in the Virtue Baby program as only this mantra could calm me down during my pregnancy and that is now being carried on to my baby girl.

  Thank u so much mam for sharing with us and imparting us with the knowledge of the Virtue Baby and helping us bring forth our virtue baby into this world. It is because of you and your belief that today my girl is here. You are in the true sense a GODMOTHER to Devika, my daughter. Thank u for giving me a blissful journey of pregnancy and childbirth and letting me establish a special bond with my daughter through your guidance of Virtue Baby.

    Heartfelt gratitude and thanks,

Dr. Tushar & Dr. Vedica Nanda


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