Birth Story - Garima Garg


Dear Dr. Nitika Sobti,

The journey of pregnancy has been a roller coaster ride for me, I thank Virtue baby and Dr. Nitika Sobti for making it a happy and successful one. When I planned the pregnancy and conceived my little one, I thought I was prepared but what came next gave me jitters. Initially, I was scared of the pregnancy problems, at that point, Nitika mam suggested empowered me with the knowledge of prenatal bonding.
  She introduced me to her project ‘Virtue Baby’, owing to which I started to go through the ‘Womb Conversations’ book. This book really helped me bond with the baby since I used to keep building a strong bond with her while she was still in the womb and to further believe that now I too can embark the journey of pregnancy safely and positively without having any stress. The enhanced knowledge and awareness given to me by Dr. Nitika helped me to pacify my anxiety and encouraged me to deal with the pregnancy problems in a better manner.
  In the 8th month of my pregnancy, I was diagnosed positive with dengue as well as H1N1. I had to be hospitalized, was under supervision 24*7. I was facing a threat to my little one as there were chances of preterm delivery due to decreased platelets (down to 40000). Fortunately, with the help of positivity, connection with my baby, and so much learning which I found in Virtue Baby videos and the strong bond that I felt with my baby helped me throughout due to which I was confident that we will make it through all the odds coming in the way. I talked to her and kept telling to both of us that ‘this is a test which shall pass soon’ and ‘we both need to pass it with flying colors’ and we this is what we both did.

Then when the delivery day arrived, my daughter poo-ed while I was still not fully dilated. Therefore, we had to increase the pains artificially to deliver as soon as possible so that the little one is not harmed and I don’t have to get operated on. However, here also, my bond with the baby came to the rescue and stood like a great help to us. Even though I was not an ideal Virtue Baby’s mother as I could not think straight in pains but my baby made it through. That little prayer before delivering the kid and bringing my husband with me in that special moment is one of the many things for which I want to thank Dr. Nitika and the entire Virtue Baby team. Today, my daughter is one and a half month old and is a happy baby.

With lots of Respect, Garima Garg


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