Birth Story - Neha, Sandeep Sharma and Baby Naysha


  Dear Dr. Nitika Sobti,

    I had a remarkable pregnancy journey and exceptional birth experience and would be delighted to share it in detail with you. Two years back when I was expecting my first baby, I was filled with mixed emotions- excited yet anxious as I embarked on the journey of pregnancy. At that moment, I was not aware of the real essence of giving birth to a baby i.e. nurturing and connecting with the baby in the womb. But, as soon as I met you for my regular checkups, you happened to share your project Virtue Baby” and knowledge of birth psychology, prenatal care, inculcation of good values and morals to our future generations. On that note, I kept a good track of regular antenatal checkups and constructed my mind and thoughts in a positive way as it had a direct impact on my baby. I came to realize how our positive thinking gives positive-vibrations to the baby which helps the baby to develop stronger in terms of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Therefore, I focused on building the initial-stage bonding between the baby and the family. I tried to stay medically fit as well as mentally stronger for the proper growth of my baby. Although I was not very regular, I still followed prenatal yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques, and stress-free mindset, and indulged in physiotherapy sessions as much as I could through the recorded sessions provided by you. Besides that, I used to read positive books aloud so that my baby could hear it within the womb which in turn made me and him mentally stronger. Moreover, your constant counseling sessions gave me and my family the assurance of having a natural birth and to construct a life filled with happiness and positivity.
    I made changes in my diet and lifestyle for the better health of my baby and mine. As suggested by you, I only consumed Vegetarian/sattvik food only. Under your direction, we learned to nurture and welcome our little soul with love and pure energies, to create a Virtue Baby within the womb. My family and I made a habit of meditating together and welcomed our baby with peace and love. Now I know, this very initial bond which we created, will definitely help us to stay together and happy with one another for the entire lifetime.

    Owing to all the recommended changes and enhanced knowledge, on Tuesday, 5th September 2016, I gave birth to my amazing daughter whom we have named as Naysha. I broke my waters and went to the hospital, not in panic but to experience my ‘Magical Moment’ as you always taught. Since I had been practicing various exercises and with a stronger mental state, I knew I would be able to go for a normal delivery. I was mentally calm, I went into active labor around 8.00 AM, pushed for an hour and she was out in no time! It was half the time my doctor expected for a first-time mother. I gave birth to a baby girl who is 3.8 kg which is amazing. Certainly, I learned easy labor with the help of therapies and counseling sessions which shaped my mental and physical state perfectly. I delivered a healthy baby girl vaginally. We did immediate skin-to-skin as well as she breastfed within a couple of minutes!

    Naysha has been breastfeeding really well, she is a happy and peaceful child. I’m so thankful for your wonderful guidance throughout this blissful journey. Today, I and my husband stand as the proud parents of our Virtue Baby because of the right knowledge we received from you. The way I was encouraged for a natural and gentle birth, I believe others can be encouraged in the same way as well. Hopefully, step by step we all can make the period of pregnancy and childbirth, the most beautiful period!

Best wishes from Neha and Sandeep


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