Birth Story - Sonia Dang Sadana


Dear Dr. Nitika Sobti,

  Few things in life are not planned and it works the best that way. My consultation with Dr. Nitika was one such experience. I was referred to Dr. Nitika Sobti by my sister and I consider myself fortunate to have experienced a very smooth and a very happy childbirth with her by my side.

  It all started four years back when I experienced my first pregnancy. Unlike most of the mothers, I was more anxious than happy. The very thought of doctors, hospital etc. was enough to scare me. The thought of childbirth, labor pain was always playing in my mind. But thanks to the knowledge and wisdom passed on to my husband and me by Dr. Nitika through her programme ‘Virtue Baby’. Owing to the learning that we received, we could actually look forward to the day. I am someone who gets anxious very easily. But regular meetings with the doctor made me realize how important is it to stay happy, calm and create a positive environment around me and inside of me. I channeled my nervous energy to plan and prepare myself for welcoming the newborn.

  The concept of ‘Virtue Baby’ is very scientific and practical. The research shows that a balance of physical and emotional health can make this journey exciting and make the baby happier. I made a conscious effort of positive thinking. Moreover, I changed my diet to being completely vegetarian and exercised regularly. I switched to eating home-cooked food and felt great throughout the journey of pregnancy. I surrounded myself with like-minded people and spent quality time with family and friends. Furthermore, I read a lot of books and listened to soulful music.

  I had always wanted to have a normal delivery and insisted this to Dr. Nitika from day 1. To this, I received one of the best advice from her “talk to your baby”. This is one of the most important essences of Virtue Baby. Initially, I found it difficult to implement it, but I made a conscious effort to communicate with the baby and it actually worked. The baby wasn't head down until few days before the delivery, but I continued talking to my baby. Not only did the baby came to head down anterior position, but I could also gather the courage and strength to survive 5 hours of labor and gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby girl. I immediately did skin to skin contact and could breastfeed my daughter.

  As advised by Dr. Nitika, I continued with exclusive breastfeeding my baby for 6 months and continued it for the next two years. Apart from giving my daughter strong immunity, breastfeeding helped me form a very strong bond with her. To conclude, I would say that Virtue Baby programme is not just limited to pregnancy and childbirth but continues later as well. I apply its core values even today and it reflects in my happy, calm and a positive child. I’m really grateful to you!  


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