Birth Story - Suchi & Manish Gidwani


Dear Dr. Nitika Sobti,

I will always remain grateful for your guidance with which we were able to welcome our two angels of God in this world. This journey to parenthood would not have been the same without your wisdom and insights. During both the pregnancies, the ‘Virtue Baby’ program empowered us with the eternal knowledge combined with modern day findings and advice.

  I consider myself lucky to join your program at the early phase of my pregnancy. Since the beginning I used to interact with my babies; knowing they are already present and alive inside my bump. It made a significant impact on how we dealt and reacted to various situations. Everywhere, my babies were always the first priority. Even while driving a car or going on simple walks, we used to feel as if we are already holding our babies. Even when I could not sleep at nights, I used to spend hours talking to my babies. 

  Through your program, we could realize that the child learns the most from the parents and the process begins even before he/she is born.  Everything that I did or thought was leaving an impact on my babies. Therefore, it was my responsibility to become what I wanted my babies to be and set an ideal example. I tried to remain positive and to be on my best behavior while cutting down all the negative attitudes and emotions. 

  The moment of delivery was truly a miracle. I really feel so lucky to deliver both my babies normally, it was possible only because of your support and guidance. Our baby Ayaansh was finally here on 14 February 2016 and his cries were gone as soon as he was put on my chest. I just cannot forget the beautiful moment, the way he looked at me and his father by holding his neck upright and made an eye to eye. He calmed down immediately thereafter. We will always cherish the moment when he immediately pulled up his neck and looked at both of us like he already was expecting and eager to our meeting. He is very friendly and social. 

  A key insight that we gained is that our baby is an individual who is equal if not better than us. He may be younger than us but his potential has no boundaries. This helped us to give the necessary respect along with love. We accepted that even though we might not be able to change the external factors but we have the power to change our own thoughts which eventually manifest outside. 

  Kavya, our little princess, was born on 11th October 2017. Both our children used to get jolted and stirred at noise but a stark difference is that Ayaansh used to get disturbed easily by sounds of other people talking, but Kavya sleeps soundly even if Ayaansh screams or shouts. Since she was already used to her brother’s tantrums while being inside the womb, she does not gets disturbed by him. This gave us the proof of what Dr. Nitika’s program ‘Virtue Baby’ teaches- that children do listen and are aware of what’s going on outside.

  Both my babies share a different bond with me if feel. Ayaansh is used to hug my tummy and kiss it. Sometimes, he uses my tummy to lie on me as if he can listen to something going on inside.

  I am thankful for this blissful journey I experienced from 2015 to 2017 with you and your whole team mam. We pray that you continue to succeed and hope this knowledge spreads across the world.

Love from Suchi & Manish Gidwani

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