Birth Story - Shilpa, Ronit and Ruhani Garg


Our Journey

  Our journey of conceiving and delivering our baby girl, Ruhani, is indeed something to be shared with all expecting parents. After losing our first baby to a complication, both I and my husband were terrified before thinking of trying to conceive again. We did not try for 3 years and yet when we even thought of adding another member to our family, I was again made afraid by another dr. that we could not conceive at all without having done a few more procedures on me. I was not ready to get myself cut open without even having a baby at the end of it. :)
  We went back to Dr. Nitika and she introduced us to her program ‘Virtue Baby’ and assured me that everything was good with me and we should at least give it a try. We just took her word for it and never thought again, I also had complete faith in almighty that nothing bad is going to happen ever again with us and we just kept the past behind us. Coming from a fairly spiritual family added to my advantage; I conceived my baby and was ecstatic to welcome her soon into our lives. Then began the journey leading to her birth. The first trimester was a bit tough for me, but my baby girl helped me throughout. I was only uneasy in the evening and not when I was working. During all those months, not once did I have any doubts or fear, Dr. Nitika kept us well informed on what to expect and what not to while enlightening us with the knowledge of pre-perinatal and birth psychology and prenatal bonding. I remembered the Almighty and thanked him every day for letting us have a baby we longed for. A fairly smooth journey with no health complications and no scary days (I mean this literally), we entered the 9th month. Our baby gave us strength with no fears and cooperating with us at every step till the day she was to come in our lives and further.

  29th July 2017 the day she was born, I would like to share the feeling she gave me just a day before. On 28th July we went for a check-up and dr. Nitika said all is well and we still have time, but my baby had already told me inside, she is about to come real soon. We had her the very next day. :) As I entered the labor room, I remembered God and told him- ‘Let my baby be ok’, I was fairly calm! As the labor progressed, the contractions started to hit me. Being a first-time mom, I did not expect them to come as they were coming. Dr. Nitika and her team besides me gave so much strength and encouragement. Even when I had almost given up, they kept going for me! My husband and family had undoubtedly trusted Dr. Nitika and her knowledge from the very beginning and that proved to be a bliss for me. I had a normal delivery after going through almost 12 hours of labor. My baby inside kept going with me. Never through all these 12 hours had she once given us a scary moment. I guess that is what virtue babies are about! I am blessed with one!

  After her birth, I was actually expecting sleepless nights, long feeding hours and cranky baby at times. Well, in that case, Ruhani differs! She is calmest of all the babies I have seen till now. She is going to be 4 months in another few days. I must say (literally) that I haven't had one bad day or night till date. Guess this is what blessing means. Her dad is a happy person too; he is being able to sleep all through the nights till now! I hope she keeps up to this and makes our family the happiest one.

We had an incredibly calm pregnancy and a very supportive birthing experience with Dr. Nitika and her ‘Virtue Baby’ team guiding us all through and being just a text away when we needed her. I couldn't have asked for more happiness in our lives as those 9 months and beyond are the happiest of my 32 years of life!

Thank you!

    Shilpa, Rohit, and Ruhani Garg!

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