Birth Story - Paridhi Goyal


Though I know, I would not be able to do any justice to the beautiful experience I have had during my pregnancy but still, I will put in my best. To begin with, my personal experience has been like an ocean to me, till today Our Angel does something new every day to surprise us.

Our Journey started itself in a very mystic way, Dr. Sobti too believes that the Angels inside chooses everything for themselves, so did ours. Our Angel wanted ‘The Best for her’ so she mystically introduced us to her gynaecologist in our 3rd month of pregnancy. Anonymously, we receive a WhatsApp message advertising “There is a Virtue Baby event happening at IIC, Lodhi Road & Sister Shivani is the keynote speaker.” We went for the Event just for Sister Shivani; there we heard very different yet engrossing researches & studies done over Pregnancy by Dr. Sobti.

The initial gynaecologist, whom I was consulting, was just a gynaecologist to me & I always used to be fearful & anxious about my baby inside, so much so that whenever I had my appointments I used to have high BP recordings. Obviously, that is not the kind of relation you want with your gynae so I decided to go in for a second opinion with the Dr. our Angel had introduced us to & when I consulted Dr. Sobti, I could instantly connect with her (I still remember those Elating Goose Bumps). As Expected, she turned out to be a friend, philosopher, and guide, in the truest sense & not just a Doctor.
I joined her in my 4½ month of pregnancy, by then I had already started to inculcate all the knowledge that I had from “The Virtue Baby Event”.

Throughout our pregnancy, we used to talk to our Angel in the womb about every single thing. Our Playtime was fixed with her and she always responded back as if she knows what game we are playing. My husband used to give me a massage on my baby bump & we used to call it her “Teil Time”, she used to react the same way always & kicked at the exact same area where we were massaging her or she wanted us to massage her.! Naughty she was in there & out here too, she shows the same trait(s) every day, very evidently. Sometimes, we even wonder whether we are playing with her or she is playing with us…

Dr. Nitika told me that soon I will get to know about my baby is sleeping timings. One day, I was at my mother is place & she wanted to feel the baby’s movement(s). I knew at that point of time my baby is sleeping & would not move. She didn’t listen & tried her best to feel the movement, but disheartened. Suddenly an idea strikes me and I shout “Baby, Teil-Time” and believe me immediately she reacted & kicked. My mother was stunned and I relished our strong bond & the connection within. Little-Little incidents, I used to share with my family members too, some believed & some did not. Some even said, "Probably you have developed a strong and beautiful bond with your unborn baby."

Deep Conversations with the baby was also a regular affair for us regarding anything & everything be it food, trips, clothes, colors, situations etc. But during my personal share of time with the baby, I used to discuss how we are going to create our personal Moment of love when in labor. I discussed with her - How she will come into this world, how I will behave & how things would be in labor room & how she should smile and greet everyone once she is welcomed into this beautiful world by her Dr. Aunty, nurses & family members.

The Mindful Eating played its role well since I had gestational diabetes, I was told that diabetic diet does not allow any pizzas or garlic bread at all, but I used to crave heavily for them. So, I creatively used the knowledge shared by Sister Shivani to meditate before eating anything, meditating & energizing the food, stating that my sugar levels would not get high post consuming the food & after an hour of eating, I used to do my blood test and surprisingly, many times, the results were recorded to be so low & acceptable that I could even add some sweet dish or mangoes and my endocrinologist Dr.Gera who used to scold me just like a mother while taking strict care of my diet did not come to know about this little cheating of mine.

played the most vital role in my life, pregnancy & post-preg too, keeping me really strong throughout. These Bollywood people have already created & continue to create a lot of fear, anxiety & negativity among us all, as per their concept every pregnancy have to have some complication, miscarriage & have to go through a lot of unbearable pain. But let me assure you, there is nothing like that. My labor was nearly painless & to my surprise, my Angel remembered each & every detail I had shared with her, when in the womb. Believe you me; my daughter literally came into this world the exact way I had discussed with her. I even remember Dr. Ankita is reaction, so surprised & stunned as to how suddenly the baby showed up so early & in a majestically unexpected way.

Even during My Labor of Love - Initially I was not ready as to on what scale the contractions are going to come but once Dr. Nitika entered the room & asked me to have an eye contact with her, I felt so empowered that my mind went completely silenced & I was blindly following the instructions Dr. Nitika was giving me. I believe through meditation my mind got so much trained that while I was in labor, my sub-conscious mind took charge over me & I could deliver very smoothly & miraculously, that the Doctors & max team knows me by my delivery now.

The most beautiful thing I had shared with my Angel was now to be witnessed; I used to talk to her in ‘Her Palace Womb’ that "As soon as you will come out, you will see your doctor aunty so just smile & greet her, then to all the nurses, then to your Maapaa and then to all the family members whoever comes to see you.” I was so drained out that I didn not get the chance to ask her Dr. Aunty whether she smiled or not but to our utmost surprise, 90% of our family members did mention, "Your baby greeted us with a smile, she is friends with us already".

I shared my experience(s) with my real sister who was also expecting but used to stay much occupied being a lecturer at SRCC, hardly getting time to interact with her unborn child. Post attending an event of Virtue Baby at Dr. Nitika is Residence & hearing my experience there, she also started taking out time in talking to her Angel most of the things but in one of the things she actually acted way smarter than me & discussed with her Angel how their ‘Labour of Love’ would be like.

She very smartly talked to her baby every day that they will welcome their child with a normal delivery & not a C-Sec. She also conditioned her baby saying “Baby, please make sure you’re out with us in just 2 hours of contractions.”

When she got admitted at 12 in the night, was induced with 1 bottle of drip, Nothing Happened! Then 2nd drip was induced, Nothing Happened! Then came in a sweep & a tube but again nothing happened. Her water bag was ruptured & then finally at 1050hrs she started getting some contractions with a result that at 1320hrs ‘Her Baby Angel was in her hands’. Magical Indeed! These ultimate divine souls along with Virtue Baby concept just create a magic & give our respective journeys a beautiful meaning.

All these know-how & evidence make me feel so elated. I actually witness my little angel sleeping so peacefully every day while listening to the same songs & bhajans I used to listen all the time while carrying her & Her acceptance of ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ as her favorite sleeping lyrics makes it even more wonderful..! Isn’t the use of this knowledge so beautiful?

Anyway while concluding; I would want to heartily thank Dr. Nitika Sobti & her team for making our journey(s) truly incredible and worthwhile. Further wishing & also quite sure that the time is not very far when Dr. Nitika Sobti will be amongst top three Gynaecologists in town enriched with name, fame, blessings & continued prosperity. Also her project “Virtue Baby” will be super successful and further would succeed in encouraging many more expecting parents around the globe.

Many Thanks!

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