Birth Story - Viraaj Tomar


Dear Doctor,
I am writing to thank you for everything you have done to help me come In this beautiful world. As my parents used to discuss when I was in my mother’s womb, it was all your efforts and guidance which helped them guide the process of me coming in this beautiful world. I thank you for everything you have done for me and my parents.

At night when I was kicking my mother for food inside her womb, she used to feed me well, but the sense of satisfaction I used to get when my father used to read out the virtue baby books authored by you, was unmatched. I have heard each and every word of the virtue of happiness, excitement, contentment, joy, etc read by my father and hope to inculcate each of them as I grow and become a virtuous man. I remember when my parents for the first time visited and met you on a Sunday afternoon and how you guided them for my delivery, your words could be heard by me inside my mother’s womb and trust me, they sounded like liquid gold. I could even hear my parents discuss you day in and out and how happy and excited they were to have met you. Apart from the excitement of my parents, mine was on cloud nine and I secretly thanked my parents to have made me meet you. I even remember the time when my mother had gone for her second ultrasound and she was worried about the fact that she would have gestational diabetes due to the excess liquid as told by the lady doing her ultrasound, my mother was worried when my father constantly told her not to worry till the time she meets you for her regular appointment. The moment my parents met you for their regular appointment and the way you guided my mother and calmed and eased her also gave me immense pleasure inside the womb.

I wanted to thank you each time my parents used to visit You for our appointment but could not help till the time I was out in this world. You had told my mother to talk to me to change my position inside her womb for her smooth delivery, she did that and I like a very obedient son listened and changed my position. You subsequently told my mother that my position was okay, just that my head needs to be fixed, my mother that night again spoke with me and I again like an obedient son listened to her and fixed my head right. I did all that to make my parents realise that whatever you told them was absolutely right and that I could hear each and every word they were telling me while I was inside the womb. I am grateful for everything you have done for us.

My father upon your advised had prebooked a room at the hospital for 04.11.2019 which was my expected date of delivery, but I could not wait for that long to meet them and you and thus had other plans which I will share with you in a moment.
I remember my parents scheduling their appointment with you to show the third ultrasound as advised by you, they had fixed an appointment at 12:30 pm on 26.10.2019. My father being concerned about my mother getting bored sitting at home for a long time, had planned a dinner and accordingly took my mother out on 25.10.2019, I also remember them telling their friends accompanying them about you, and that’s when I decided that it’s time for me to see you very soon. My mother started her labor that very moment while she was having her meal in a restaurant in Gurgaon. She messaged you and you told her to get admitted to the hospital. My father took her straight to the hospital from the restaurant while my grandmother and Bua were getting my clothes from the house to the hospital.

It was 26.10.2019 and I still could not hear your voice while my mother was being attended to by the duty doctors. Finally, I could hear your voice around 11 am when you came to check my mother and I decided that it was time to meet you. I could even hear you telling my mother that she has dilated about 9cms+ and that I’ll be out in about 2 hours. It was your belief in me and my mother that my mother instantly felt that she could do it and especially without any medicines or epidural. I also remember that right before I came out, you with your team meditated for everything to happen smoothly and peacefully. This time I obeyed you and helped my mother while you were also helping her and came out at 2:16 pm on 26.10.2019. My father could only stand and appreciate the hard work of you and your team and till date keeps you in high regard. I remember you being the first person to hold me in your hands when I came in this beautiful world. The whole process being tiring for my mother was also very tiring for me but what kept me motivated was your voice which I could hear and I knew that the same voice was also giving strength and motivating my mother. I saw you and felt a sense of deep satisfaction and could see my parents lighting up.

Me and my parents are grateful and thankful to you for your continued support and wish the very best for you. I pray that god gives you everything you desire for and that you help each and every person in their journey of pregnancy like you did for my parents.

Lots and lots of love


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