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Hello myself Shefali from Ahmedabad...

i would like to share my baby birth story and benifits of meditation which i have done during 9 months.

When i had conceived initially i searching good videos on youtube n fortunately i get virtue baby page by Nitika mam. i love to listen her. 

I listen all most all her video on youtube and day by day i used to woth that. Daily i listen her and follow what she told in video. In tht she tells to do meditation with our own affirmation and start doing from almost 2 months this exercise.  Before that i was doing yoga but after 2 month I start meditation with my own affiramation. 

My affiramation was like Prayer, like I pray to god abt my Baby expectations.. I want happy and healthy child, my baby weight should be 3.25 to 3.5 My baby look like his father, My baby zodiac should be Aries. I want my baby complete 9 months in my womb. My baby should be sharp and active. like this i was telling evryday in my meditation.

you would not believe whatever i was telling its all cones true. Due to Diarrhea from 8th month my doc said may i deliver baby early before completion of 9 month but i faith on me n my baby that she will complete 9 month as i told her that and yes she did 9 month complete. my baby weight is 3.3kg her zodiac is aries. She is happy soul. Not at all cranky.

Above all I bonded with her in 9 months such a way that when i talk to her She gives good response. Whenever I feel afraid that she not move from long time, She will b fine or not?? Immediately She move and like tell me I am fine mumma do not worry.

In my family all talk with her like she is not in womb but in our hand with us. and yes her bond with all now so special sometime that make us surprise. I follow Nitika mam every Little thing that talk to your baby, make bind that she will reply you n yes it is silly of I tell someone that my baby was talking with me. She reply me. literally I can feel her voice inside me. I feel dual myself.. one me and another my baby is voice. 

Nitika mam told Dont think any gender, I was crazy for baby girl but 9 months i ne er think abt baby gender and yes my silent wish comes true. I bless with baby girl, when everybody tell me that U have baby boy in your womb by observing my belly shaoe and kine on belly.

9 months journey really too awsome for all women but thanks to nitika mam my 9 months journey is fab. and yes i can say I get what I want and expect and ask for.

Only one thing not happen which i did in meditation that is normal birth, I had Cs. 

Doc try for normal but my cervix not open till end and baby inside doing much pressure. My angel done best try as I tell her but it is somewhere my failure from my end else my baby took position and best thing when we say push She take it hardly and do push. my contraction start by my wish I inspire my baby that pls come out start labour.  and this way my pain start and when I tell her to push. She follow instructions. 

Every single day is miracle for me. and that due to my bond with my baby and that is thanks to guidance of Nitika mam. Even my lil angel love her voice. Ehen she was inside and i listen mam She becone so calm and listen everything. 

Big Thank you mam for such a great activity.

I really wanna say you heartly thank u madam.

I wish i can meet you someday. Even my husband als sincerely thank full to you as he also listen many video of virtue baby and when someday i tired or not follow some schedule He inspire me by remind about you. 

One more beautiful incidence, when she was in my womb, we talk and when next day we go for doc visit we observe her that whatever wwe told she try to do. We told once that bettu tommorow we are coming to see u with doc. Doc uncle ko jeje karna mean Namskar karna. And its really surprise she do that when doc done her sonography. Doc sock she doing namsakar and then it is schedule she do this everytime.

virtue baby mom.
Shefali Kansara.

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