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I had never thought that I could ever write a blog, testimony or a story for the world to read !

But our journey towards parenthood changed everything.

Our journey hasn’t been a fairytale but is worth sharing. When we first got to know that we are pregnant on April 25th we were happy and ecstatic as it was a planned conception. We showed the blood test report to our gynae thats where our happiness temporarily stalled ! 

Our ears couldn’t believe what she said. According to her it was a biochemical pregnancy and will not materialize. Our world came crashing down. 

That’s when my wife told me to consult Dr. Nitika Sobti for second opinion as she has delivered many babies in the family. We booked the next available appointment. While on our way I told my wife that the hospital is quite far and I dont think so it is good idea ( travel time ranges from 45-60mins) as we are always told to find a doctor who is in closed proximity.

Well, when we reached and met the doctor my opinion changed. She was calm and composed. Though deep inside maybe she was also not that hopeful looking at the blood test report and but she didn’t at any point said anything negative. She said lets give it few more days and re-do the test alongwith TVS. That’s when we both were hopeful again. 

When we stepped out, I told my wife that - 

“She would be the one who will be our gynae, no matter how far she may be. I can answer anyone who questions our decision”

We took the test and the scan which confirmed that our earlier doc was wrong in her diagnosis. That’s when I would say our rollercoaster towards being parents started.

We met Dr. with the reports following week and she told us about the Virtue baby sessions. I really don’t have words to express my gratitude as that’s where we both learnt how to connect with our baby or angel as fondly called by Dr. Nitika Sobti.

We used to come up with numerous questions on our every OPD visit and we were always comforted with calmness of our beloved doctor.

There were times when our routine blood tests or the ultrasound scans made us worry but that always used to settle down when we met her and attended the sessions. We bought “Virtue Baby’s womb conversation” during our course which helped us talk and write to our baby.

We both used to write alternatively on a daily basis letting our angel know what happened during the day.

This really helped us to connect with our baby.

I used to talk to my baby every day once I return from work. I remember in the third trimester on few days my wife telling me that he didn’t move much - thats when i used to put my hand on baby belly and say, “Hi baby, how are you” ? & he always obliged by kicking, moving !

I used to get scolding from my wife when I used to talk to the baby while she was sleeping as he promptly used to kick and move.

Well fast forward to the day when he decided to meet us in person. It was Sunday, December 8th and my wife was throwing up all day and had lower abdomen pain. Little worried but I was calm trusting on almighty that all will be well. At around 4am sunday night/Monday morning my wife woke me saying she has unbearable pain and we should get going.

Our hospital bag was ready and we messaged doctor and headed out. Upon reaching at 5am it was confirmed that she was in labor.

Dr. Nitika though not physically present at the hospital but was well connected with her staff and coordinated the progress.

She was at the hospital 9ish and that when the action began. Knowing my wife I underestimated her strong believe and will. I always had my doubts when it came having her deliver normally. She proved me wrong and was calm all through the journey. Journey from 5am till 10:55am on December 9th went in a jiffy. That’s when we delivered healthy 3.57kgs baby boy

Oh boy ! What a feeling ! I was asked to cut his umbilical cord which I did which shaky hands. He held me from my wrist instantaneously which was very emotional for me.

In the end, I really cant thank Dr. Nitika Sobti, Virtue Baby and her team for helping us in this journey.

Virtue Baby - Aveer 
Proud Virtue Baby parents- Jagchintan & Manmeen

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