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Hello mam,

Thank you Thank you Thank you

I’m very grateful for the videos on the YouTube in Virtue baby channel along with Sister Shivani.

I have been following them all through my pregnancy.

So, coming to my journey,

It was my second pregnancy, i had a boy and now I gave birth to baby Girl. The pregnancy was unplanned and I came to know about it at 7 weeks of pregnancy in June 2019. I had severe back pain issues. Doctor recommended me for bed rest but It was difficult for me to be in bed since I had toddler around to be taken care of. During the NT scan they diagnosed that my cervix size is too small, it was 2.8mm and doctor suggested me for complete bed rest for month with some injection and projestron medicine. She said she would check if I require stiches or not.

I soon shifted to my mother’s place in Delhi, I was asked to b in complete bed rest with the foot end elevated. Which is actually being very unrest, because everything came to hold suddenly. My son who was totally dependent on me was finding it difficult to cope things without me, it was emotionally challenging for both of us. So the bed rest started from Aug 2019, and in that month I was in a trauma I could not put myself together. I used to cry, keep asking me questions. But Being a meditation person I knew my thoughts would affect the baby, soon I grabbed a book by Robin Sharma, “The saint, the surfer and The CEO” it was a light on my path. I could accept the current situation of my life. But still had fear associated with the pregnancy, whenever It reached the peak I was rushed to the hospital emergency, in the fear of leaking. Because in my first pregnancy, everything was normal and I was fit but my water sag ruptured at 33 weeks and after one week of wait I was rushed for C sec. I know the trauma I went through that time.

After the second time of emergency doctor visit I said to myself, it’s my fear that’s reflecting. I started with positive attitude and said that I am going to have safe pregnancy and baby will be fine and healthy and “ I said be happy you are in the process of making a human being”. And I decided to check each and every thought I would be creating during the pregnancy. I heard this in one your videos where you quoted about it.

Then I started to talk to baby and I said my baby I will tell you the right time to come out. I used to listen to garbh snakar music , do a lot of meditation, and took this bed rest as a blessing in life to check and make myself a better human being and check for everything that is  tangled.

I said to my baby that we both are going to be easy and enjoying the pregnancy. I eat only homemade food. My mother and I are Om Shanti followers. She cooked food every day with that vibration.

I saw the video of divine delivery in the month of Dec and after being on bed rest for past 5 months, my mother told it will be difficult for you to endure the pain, and we should go for elective c sec. And within me I was strong and I wanted it to be normal delivery and I said the baby. We will make it happen and I will tell you “when to come till then you enjoy in the womb”. Because I did not wanted the baby to come early as cervix incompetence has fear of early labor. After seeing the video I also showed it to my mother and said her that she should not worry instead send me divine vibration when I will be in hospital.

On 27 th Dec morning I had pain in the back and it was like contractions I started to observe it and told my mother. Then we rushed to the hospital, I was 34 weeks pregnant at that day. Doctor checked me and said that I was in active labor and 1-2 cm dilated.

I took a deep breath , since my son was also born on 34 weeks 2 days. The fear was less. Due to some issues in that hospital I was sent to referred to another. If I would have stayed in the same hospital they were going for C section.

I was happy that they referred me. There they also said that they are going for c section and they counselled me for the same. I accepted but I had a strong feeling that I am going to deliver normal.

First they decided for inducing the pain and then later they decided to reduce the pain since it was too early, the baby was just 34 weeks. They started with the medication for the same. And shifted me to the normal ward.

On 28th morning I was shifted to normal ward, then that day I did not have strong contractions but had severe pain in the back. Around in the evening 5 pm I could not endure the pain and I said the doctor . They again shifted me to  labour room. Then in the graph examination my contarctions were not shown. Doc thought it to be radiating pain. The pain was increasing every moment and the contraction were at higher frequency. At that time Dr. Sobti lines were echoing in my mind it not the pain it the process contraction and relaxation for the miracle moment.

Another miracle moment was that I was having severe back pain but no strong contractions. Suddenly I remember that I have told the baby till I tell u should not come out. I said the baby yes it is the right time for you to come out. Mamma is ready let’s do it together with the god’s presence and make it beautiful moment of our life.

I started to keep myself in the white light and in conversation with baby and supporting and I was responding to the surrounding but was continuous being conscious of the light when muscles were relaxing. By 4 am. I went to the sister and asked her to call the doctor. I was 5-6 cm dilated. They soon called my mother before taking me to the labour room, it was the bhrama muhrat time. My mother does meditation regularly at that time. She came and kissed me and I was taken to labour room.

Doctor said by 10 or 11 am I would deliver the baby. The contractions were increasing and I was surrounded by the white light and praying continuously in the contractions. I was not accepting the pain. Soon after 10 – 15 contractions I shouted and doctor came. She checked I was filly dilated. It was 6 am. Doc said you do not shout and just push. I listened to her instructions and by 6:32  am  I delivered the baby. I was the MIRACLE MOMENT.

I was askng the Doc "hogaya kya.." they lay the lil angel on my chest and as i already choose the names for the baby. For girl i choose Aditi and my son uses to call pinga. So all in our house used to call baby pinga.

The overall my pregnancy and delivery was filled with the power of subconscious mind ,positive thoughts , divine vibrations, white light , moments of miracle and this is was another transformation in me. And imbibed the realisation of  power within.

Please let me know if you want to know any thing more about my pregnancy.

 Thank you Abundance of love and light to you and all your team members.

Gayathri Muthukrishnan


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