Birth Story - Rati and Vidit


I am Rati Vidit Verma and today I am delighted to share my birthing experience with all of you…

I started my journey of conception in year 2018 and in July 18 I convinced but it was an ectopic pregnancy which had to be terminated. During that time, I was consulting some other Doctor and while getting my treatment done I was told that my right tube may have to be removed and it will reduce the chances of conceiving in future to 50%, hearing which, I was completely shattered. On one of the friends advice I went to meet Dr Nitika (which was my first visit to her) and the first thing which Mam did was to start my journey of being positive and she ensured me that things will be fine, and I will be able to conceive again!!

With God grace I conceived again in December 2018 but unfortunately when I went for my 6th week ultrasound, babies heartbeat was missing, and I had to undergo a DNC. Since this was my second incidend and I was quite depressed. Dr. Nitika acted like a friend, guided like a mentor and introduced me to meditation. Until this time, little did I know that she was aiming to bring a much bigger change in me and that of converting me to a positive person who can handle any challenge and overcome it.

I started my journey again and conceived in August 2019. With the new positive attitude and god blessings, things were fine and we heard our little angels heartbeat in 6th week.. however, same day in the evening I started bleeding which scared me again.. but I was sure that god cannot be so cruel with me and that night I kept on talking with my angel and requested him that he must be healthy and fine. Next day when I went for my ultrasound things were absolutely fine and babies heartbeat was also there.

Life is full of complications and so was my pregnancy… I had a low placenta line throughout and was put on complete bed rest to ensure everything goes well. This also accompanied fluctuating LFT readings and the newly added gestational diabetes to the list :P

Dr. Nitika kept on guiding me like a mother and always stressed on not calling it a complication but a challenge which can be overcome through trust in 2 M s i.e. Meditation and Medication. Throughout my journey, I kept on meditating and followed virtue baby programs which kept on gradually making things better for me and my baby.

By third trimester, Mams sessions made me so powerful that any of the ongoing and new challenges were not bothering me and I knew my angel would be fine and I will bring him in this world in natural way. I believed in my meditation, the virtue baby program and the control over my mind to bring the little angel in an environment full of happiness and positivity.

During this course, I also consulted Dr Rajini who guided me with right yoga and diet instructions because of which, my placenta came up to normal and my diabetes also came in control during final weeks before delivery.

Finally, in 39.3 week I was admitted and was induced with pain eager to experience my miracle moment. I kept on talking with my angel that you must come to mumma through her uterus and have to be healthy.

At 11 pm I was in active labor where my husband was with me.. Finally at 4:30 am Dr Nitika came to labor room and my entire process started and she kept on guiding me and boosting my energy. The best part was that Mam actively involved my husband in my entire labor wherein he was checking babies heartbeat with Doppler, he made me squad, he helped me to walk and he even put pressure on my tummy when baby was about to come out. With his presence, my birthing process became easy as he was with me throughout the process.

Finally, at 7:18 am after the final prayer of Dr Nitika Sobti my angel came to this world through Normal delivery and first time when I held him in my arms, I had tears in my eyes because me and my husband waited for him for 2 years. And I forgot to mention. Talking about baby being healthy, I delivered my baby weighing 3.66 kgs at the time of birth and bringing him to this world through a normal process was nothing less than a miracle!! Through this entire lovely journey of binging our angel to this world, Dr Nitika Sobti did not only made me more powerful and positive but, also transformed me as a person to believe that I can overcome all the challenges easily which is a lesson learnt for lifetime!

Thank you is very small word for Mam as she gave me a lifelong memory… My Angel!


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