Birth Story - Akansha Swarnim


Hi all the pregnant ladies out there, first of all congratulations!

You have started one of the most beautiful and empowering journey of life.

I have a baby of 5 months. I want to share my journey with you all.

Throughout my pregnancy I was very happy and positive, I consciously stayed away from any kind of negativity.

I did everything possible to have a virtue baby.

I did garbh sanskar at Gayatri Mandir in my 7th month when one of my friends suggested.

Before conception I had done one 10 days vipassana course, and the inner engineering course by isha foundation, all this helped me to have a balanced mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

I used to listen to virtue baby talks on YouTube and also attended couple of Dr. Sobti sessions in person.

I used to eat very healthy, vegetarian diet, no junks.

Luckily I never experienced any cravings throughout my pregnancy.

In my seventh month, I again went for my 2nd 10 days residential vipassana course.

I used to do yoga sessions till my last week.

I used to have conversations with my baby, would take him to the nature, would talk about everything around, would tell the baby, how happy we are that we have got him, we do not care if you are a boy or a girl, we love you at the spiritual level, we want whoever you are as it is without any change, and we know that you are a happy soul, you are a peaceful soul, you are a devine being. You would not want anything from anyone, you will come to only give, give happiness. You will make this world a better place

I wanted my baby to have full growth. So he arrived on 30th Dec, when due date was 29th Dec. His birth weight was 4.16 kgs, all thanks to the protein rich food, happy surroundings and my daily meditations.

I wanted to have normal delivery, so I saw a lot of videos on hypnobirthing, I used to do a lot of deep breathing exercises, up breathing, down breathing etc.

Though I could not have a normal delivery, but I went into labor and was there for 15 hours, and I did not shout at all, I only used to do deep breathing during my labour.

Meditation helped me in accepting things as it is, though I wanted to have a normal delivery, but still I accepted C-sec as it is.

All I can say is I see the result of all the work I did on my mental, physical and spiritual well-being in front of me.

I have a virtue baby infront of me. Who is exactly how I wanted him to be, and that is exactly how I was during my 9 months - happy, positive, peaceful, patient, equanimus.

So the way you will be in your pregnancy duration, the way you will see your baby later. As they say, that the baby has half of its sanskar from previous birth and half the baby gets from the mother when he/she is in the womb.


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