Priyamvada Mudgil, Abhinav Aggarwal and Angel Devaangana Aggarwal


“First of all, welcome to this beautiful and enlightening journey called Pregnancy & Motherhood”

This is how I was introduced to Dr. Sobti in Max- Gurgaon on 15th June, 2019.

Hi everyone! This is the birthing story of me, Priyamvada and my Virtue Angel Devaangana.

Before jumping directly to birth lets rewind a little and I will tell you few things about me and my husband, Abhinav.

Me and Abhinav both are qualified professionals working in reputed MNCs and along with work, I am preparing for my CA final exams as well. We both were in highly demanding jobs with an extremely practical and ‘no-nonsense’ approach to life. I can say firmly that we both were barely spiritual and not at all religious. So planning a baby was also like a “To-Do List” that needed to be completed on the pre-determined timeline.

So, September, 2018 we both decided that I should quit my job and focus on my exams and conceive a baby within the time range of March-May, 2019. Starting January, 2019 I made an excel sheet and marked calendar invites for my husband stating my fertile days, scheduling my study time, making a full and balanced diet chart, an exercise schedule and taking into account my husband’s 12 hrs. per day work week.

I guess you all must have understood a little bit about the kind of people we both are. Our families used to make fun of my planning oriented approach and used to call us “Time-Table Robots”

Now, a month before my exams I missed my periods! Damn!

I was tempted to pee on a stick and check, but it was not part of the plan. So I waited!

I finished the 8 day long gruelling session of my exams and that day I checked, it came positive. Just to be sure I checked again and it came positive again! The first thing that came to my mind was Thank God! Everything is as per plan!

Then began the search for a good gynaecologist. We went with Dr. Nitika Sobti as she did few deliveries on my in-laws side. 15th June, 2019 we met Dr. Sobti for the 1st time, and I said “the stick came positive- twice, now what to do?” and she in her ever calming voice told me “First of all, welcome to this beautiful and enlightening journey called Pregnancy & Motherhood”.  Hearing these words my heart jumped and my eyes filled with tears and I was trying very hard to control them, trying to not show any emotion being the control freak I’m used to be.

I asked her I’m 32 years old, a Thalassemia Minor, have PCOS picture with cysts on my ovaries, have Endometriosis, with 10-11 hrs. of sedentary lifestyle, so how will you manage the medicine aspect to ensure a healthy pregnancy?

Dr. Sobti smiled again and said “Medical aspect I will handle, you do not worry about that. We have studied for 20 years and are capable to handle all medical issues and emergencies. You just focus to be happy. Take care of yourself and our Angel.”

At that time, I did not understand what she meant exactly. I asked my husband, how I’m supposed to be happy, we need to plan for blood transfusion for my Thalassemia and regular ultrasounds should be done to check my Endometriosis and its effect on the baby. I don’t like this doctor, we need to search for a more professional one. I was looking for a robot just like me, but my angel had other plans for both of us.

Dr. Sobti mentioned Virtue Baby YouTube channel and the sessions she takes in Max and just for the fun of it I saw few videos and thought to myself that this is a very different life approach than what I’m used to, it’s not wrong but this is not for me. With that thought, I tried finding another more ‘Professional’ gynaecologist.

I went for my first ultrasound, heard my angel’s heart beat for the very first time, my husband was overwhelmed and even in awe of what he saw and heard. I was my practical self, more concerned about the 178 bpm heart rate is okay or not, everything from the medical aspect is okay or not!

My 2nd Consultation with Dr. Sobti was the one which changed the entire paradigm of my being. After looking at the ultrasound report she said, “Arre Arre Priyamvada achi tagdi endometrial lining hai, cysts bhi hai, difficulty to conceive thi boht but humare angel ne to aana tha, usne apna raasta khud hi bana liya”. My heart skipped a beat and something from the Virtue Baby videos played in a loop in my mind- “Your angel can listen to your thoughts, so think positively and if in doubt ask your angel, talk to your angel, your angel will guide you.

I felt the dichotomy I was facing. My heart was ready with open arms to surrender and accept the new holistic way of life at least in this pregnancy period but my mind had a mind of its own, it needed a logical and scientific way to accept the new found life approach and I started attending the Virtue Baby sessions with a confused state of mind.

My 3rd consultation with Dr. Sobti was the one where I did not expressly decide anything it just happened that I surrendered.

Dr. Sobti asked me how I’m feeling and I said “Nothing that I cannot handle, everything is fine but I don’t feel any connection to the FETUS, is it alright? I should be feeling something? Anything? Is this normal? And as usual Dr. Sobti in her calm and peaceful voice smiled at me and said “in time Priyamvada, don’t rush anything, just be happy and keep our ANGEL happy”. The way she said ‘ANGEL’ made me realise something more than tangible is in power, something bigger than me and her is in power here.

That day I watched almost all the videos available on the Virtue Baby YouTube channel and read about ‘Garbh-Sanskaar’. During the night, I think I saw a dream (not sure because it can be a fleeting thought or an idea that was there in my mind, it’s just that the image is so clear even today when I’m writing this). I saw myself panicking with lots of books in front of me, reading, making notes and trying to make sense of what’s going on. It felt as if I’m scared that I’ll miss a deadline and there in the corner I saw someone watching me, I cannot see who was standing there, but I could feel peace, calmness and simplicity resonating from that shadow. Same simplicity I felt with Dr. Sobti, but this feeling was more strong and intense. I couldn’t sleep and my heart was racing all through the night.

Next day when I woke up, I could clearly remember what I saw and how I felt and now there was no question of should I surrender or not I have already surrendered! Surrendered to my Angel!

From here begins a different kind of ‘To-Do List’, a list to have a Virtue Baby, a list to make myself worthy enough for my Virtue Angel!

I again had my exams in November, 2019. So I tried to manage my 10 hrs. study schedule with my pregnancy. Throughout my pregnancy my average day was-

>> Waking up early
>> 1hr Swimming for 3 days a week
>> 1hr Yoga for the next 3 days
>> Household chores
>> Library from 10am-7pm with only one break for lunch
>> Household chores

I already used to have a well-rounded and balanced diet. Continued with the exercise routine throughout my pregnancy. Attended all the Virtue Baby sessions religiously with my husband and tried to think positively.

After few weeks I realised I have started talking to my angel, apne aap hi ho gaya, the connection was made and I did not even try much as if my angel wanted us to bond!

>> I started to share each and every thing going on in my mind like if I’m getting late for Library, I just told my baby..jaldi kaam karte hai fir padne bhi jana hai

>> If I’m feeling tired, I told my baby that I know we are tired but just be happy that we are studying Direct Tax today, papa ka favourite subject

>> Was craving some burger and fries and I told my baby, Monday to Friday is work week so no cravings only ghar ka khana and fruits but weekend par we can eat whatever we want and believe me throughout my pregnancy I only had cravings on weekends!

Now every consultation with Dr. Sobti started with one question “How are you Priyamvada and how is our Angel” and my answer was constant “All good Doctor nothing we cannot handle” with a big smile on my face and I could feel even my angel is smiling and saying the same thing “All good, nothing we cannot handle”

I was among the lucky few who never had any major challenges during my pregnancy but I still had swollen feet, back aches, shoulder aches, some weird breakout on my face, lot of itching on my tummy area, haemoglobin dropping to 7, UTI, dehydration and still it was ‘All good, nothing that me and my Angel cannot handle’

The exhaustion of a progressing pregnancy and a 10 hrs. sedentary study schedule was on some days very over-whelming, on those days my husband was the pillar of strength I needed. He always used to say “I have complete faith in you Priyamvada. You are amazing and you will get through this.”

I always told my angel, mommy trusts her body and so you also trust mommy’s body and relax. Just chill and study taxes with me!

I made a labour area in my room and used to read the Virtue Baby Womb Conversation and listen to the Virtue Baby pen drive. I’ll be honest I did not do it religiously, just once a week for 20-30 mins.

Now came week 38 and my angel was in no mood to come. So I started visualising the birthing process and talking to my baby through that visualisation. I never rushed my angel, always used to say “Jab aapko theek lage, jab aap ready ho, tab aana, we’ll wait. Till then just relax and chill inside mommy!

The last Virtue Baby session I attended was “Labour-The Miracle Moment” and I remember Mansi was there to tell her birth story. I got goosebumps listening to her and realised whatever we have learnt in these 8 months is about to become a reality. That day I talked about labour pains to my baby. I told my angel “let’s bear a little pain so that we know that we have that bearing capacity and we know we both are strong enough to handle any pain our life can give us. So just a little pain for 1-2 hrs. that’s it not more and then you can come and meet me, just slide out of me and I’ll be there waiting for you”

I kept on repeating this to my baby, just 1-2 hrs. little pain and nothing more and then we’ll relax and chill together.

Came the day when I was admitted to the hospital, at 40 weeks 4 days my baby still hasn’t decided to come. The little Angel took me literally and was just relaxing and chilling inside me!

28th January, 2020 evening I was given the 1st labour inducing dose. I was pretty comfortable with mild contractions. Our favourite bhajan was playing for almost 6 hrs. now and I was trying to keep myself calm and composed and then suddenly I felt a dip in my tummy, my heart raced and I couldn’t breathe. I realized my angel is scared (I don’t know how I knew this, I just did, my angel was scared). I started telling my angel that we have to be calm, I know we both are strong. Abhi you are scared and mommy is there to support you, there might be a time that mommy will be scared then you have to support mommy. I kept talking to my baby and rubbing my tummy and we both listened to the bhajan and slept.

29th January, 2020 morning with the 2nd labour inducing dose my contractions became intense and I was still able to bear through the pain till 12noon. After that my active labour started and I completely lost all my sense of being. I did not know what was happening, my body was not prepared for that excruciating pain but my mind was aware and relaxed.  My mind was actually calm and I could sense everything that was happening around me.

Once during the active labour phase, I even cursed my angel (I know t was a weak moment for me and I did what a mother is not supposed to do) but believe me when I say that during that time every Virtue Baby session was playing in a loop in my mind and I immediately realised that cursing my baby is not a solution to this. Even my baby is in distress so I need to support my angel and my angel needs to support me.

Mansi’s words from the last Virtue Baby session filled my mind and I immediately apologised to my angel. I said mommy got scared for a while please forgive me and support me. I need your support right now and lets do this together. We both need to relax and chill and finish this the way we have planned. Mommy is waiting dear angel.
Abhinav was the same pillar of strength and support like he always was during my pregnancy. He did cry a little seeing me in so much pain but later he told me that he was not scared and not at all worried. There was a time when I asked for an epidural and Abhinav said to Dr. Sobti “Priyamvada is asking for epidural but I don’t want you to give her anything, I know she can do this.” Later when I asked him, how was he so confident, he said “I don’t know Priyamvada but during these 9 months and specially these 2 days in hospital I have felt that you are getting stronger and stronger. I was scared for a C-sec or an epidural or any other complication but our angel is so powerful and yet so calm that I can feel the power building in you.”

I did not know what time it was, I did not know how much I was dilated, I just remember that after sometime Dr. Sobti came and said we are ready Priyamvada lets meet our angel. I saw Dr. Sobti saying a little prayer to welcome our angel, couldn’t hear anything but I felt every single word that she said. My body was numb but my mind was so aware and excited to meet my angel.

Our favourite bhajan was still playing from the past 24 hrs. and at 3:17pm my angel was born!

Abhinav saw her and the moment her head was out she was moving her neck and was looking here and there and I realised she’s looking for me because I told her mommy is waiting!

When she was kept on my chest, I saw her eyes, wide open and staring right back at me! She recognised me and she did not all. She did take me literally and was indeed very relaxed and chill!!

I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Sobti and her team at Virtue Baby for being a guiding light to this path of enlightenment. I was destined to be a Virtue Baby’s mother and my destiny brought me to you. I hope and wish that you keep on touching and changing millions of lives the way you changed ours. Words are not enough to express my gratitude towards you Dr. Sobti, you made us worthy enough to be parents of a Virtue Angel!

It has been 6 months with my Angel now and I do believe that there is someone high above who is showering his love and blessings upon us. My angel made her own way into my life and is teaching me daily to be the kind of mother she was destined to have. I’m surprised to see how calm and relaxed she is, how resilient she is and how loving she can be. Even without saying a single word she tells me to trust her the way she trusts me. She tells me that we both are strong enough to sail through anything and she tells me that “Mommy just relax and chill!!”


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