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My Divine Journey with Dr Nitika Mam

My son always wanted to have a younger brother. I was in Saudi Arabia when I have conceived. I started consulting a gynecologist in Jubail (Saudi Arabia). My experience with this gynecologist was not good as she always frightens me that you will not able to walk after 5-6 months and there will be difficulties in your delivery. That was testing time for me. Then, I started looking for a good gynecologist. My best friend referred Nitika Mam and I started consulting her virtually. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Nitika Mam is not only a gynecologist but also an excellent counselor. She counselled me and it helped me in get out of depression and then I start living my life again.

Here, I would like to share one experience. I have undergone one test in Saudi Arabia for the wellbeing of baby in 4th month. The sample of this test was sent to France for investigation. Promised days for result were 15 days, however when there was no response from the lab, even after a month, I started crying in from of Nitika mam in our regular virtual session, she not only consoled me but also decisively said that as a doctor, I am taking guarantee that your baby will be healthy.

My husband got new job and we decided to come back to India. Throughout our transition from Saudi Arabia to India which involves two month long waiting for getting flight because of travel ban in testing time of Covid-19. Our first outing after reaching India was a visit to Nitika mam and that was the first time, we met face to face. It was another wonderful session with mam, and she shared many positive stories to motivate me.

We have planned for C-section in second week of September.  However, water broke happened a week earlier than scheduled delivery day. I immediately called Nitikta mam and she asked me to remain calm and compose. We rushed to Max Gurgaon immediately and to our surprise mam has already given instructions to the staff and they welcomed me in hospital and treatment started. My C-section was third delivery of the day for the mam. But she was looking as fresh as first delivery of the day. She was very excited to welcome the divine baby.

After delivery, she showed me the face of my son and I was very happy. I was in hospital for next four days and every day, whenever she came on regular visit, she always shares some motivational story with me.

Overall, it was a memorable, lifetime experience with Nitika mam. I always remember her words” this is our divine baby and it is gift of God”.

Love you Nitika mam….

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