Birth Story - Ayushi Verma


  Hello everyone, this birth story is about my little Angel Aashvi, who is the biggest blessing for us.

It was during the festival of Janmashtami when me and my husband were celebrating in our society and watching beautifully dressed and so many cute Kanhaji and Radhaji. We both were fasting and I still fondly remember both of us discussing how we used to create jhaanki at our homes when we were kids and how we would start it again once we will become parents, may be in another couple of years. Discussing all this, I was a little anxious as I had missed my regular period that month, and as such I decided to take a pregnancy test which to my reluctance came out to be positive.

It was kind of a mixed feeling. Few moments back we were planning to have a kid at least after 1.5 - 2 years and suddenly this. Frankly speaking , I was kind of scared and did not knew whether we were really prepared for such a big responsibility, whether I will be able to bear so much of pain and most importantly we did not planned for it. I shared the same with my husband and he was sure that it is a blessing for us from kanhaji and be it planned or unplanned we would never be mentally prepared for it and thus lets go ahead with the same.

However, I still was not really sure and as such we went to a Dr. who was near our home and recommended us to go for an ultrasound. From the moment I saw my baby for the first time during ultrasound, me and my husband both got emotional. She was so small, just like a cumin seed. One look at her and I was so sure that I am definitely going to be a Mom now. But before I would have conveyed it to my husband, as soon as we came out of that clinic, he himself told me, "screw you, we are going to have our baby". "Screw you, me too", I replied, and we both were laughing like anything.

6 months passed by, but I was not still really convinced or to say it more specifically I wasn not getting that vibe from my doctor and as such started doing some research for another doctor when luckily one of my colleague told me about Nitika mam and how she focuses on normal delivery which is a rare thing I hear these days. Though I was damn sure about myself that I wont be able to handle the pain of a normal delivery, but it was in some way kind of reassuring.

I started my basic research when I stumbled upon many of her videos on YouTube and guess what I was surrounded with anxiety because I was too late for my virtue baby. But all this ended the day I visited her. She was so good and made me feel so safe and secured, from that day onwards, I knew I am in the safest hands and my baby has found her First mother.  After that, things became pretty smooth, we used to attend virtue baby sessions, read womb conversation to baby and was actually able to connect with her. We would talk to her and she used to respond in the same way. We used to track her movements how she used to travel from one corner to another.

There was hardly a month left for delivery when Covid hit our nation. But what I was least expecting was a lockdown. Before 23rd Mar, I was pretty relaxed that my mother will be here and she will manage everything after delivery including me and my baby, but life has new surprises for you at each step. It was already hard for me to manage things at home without any help and on top of it my baby weight was not increasing at all and that is when Nitika mam decided to deliver just after 38th week.

It was 7th Apr, when Mam told me to get admitted in the coming weekend. So on 12th April I was admitted and was induced with labour at around 12 o cl. Till that time I was very calm and chilled out. Second injection was given to me at 6 pm and things were pretty much in control for next 4 hours after which I started feeling heavy contractions but it still was bearable. For some time me and my husband both were relaxing, when we woke up to the cry and pain of another lady who was in labor room. Me and my husband got so scared that I told him that I wont be able to go through that and ask Mam to go for caesarean. My husband tried to calm me and assured that he will talk to her.

Things really got worse at around 1:30 am when mam broke my water bag. Oh god ! I have not thought it would be so painful. I was unable to handle that pain and my husband was running to talk to Mam when he got a scolding from mam not to give much heed to me and trust her. Soon after that, she suggested me to go for epidural. We instantly agreed as I just wanted to get out of that pain. I went to OT at around 2 am and in another 40-45mins I was sent to my room. My pain was subsided and I immediately went to sleep and boom, at 4 o clock mam examined me and said delivery in next 10-15 minutes.

Now me any my husband got really scared. I told him that I would not be able to go through that pain, and that is when something stuck to my husband. Epidural effect was still on and my husband asked Mam if I could deliver now. She checked me again and said I was ready to deliver and sent me to labor room. I was not feeling any pain at all and started with pushing and pressing. And in next 10 mins i.e. 4:31 am my baby was in my hands without a single scream and without any single pinch of pain throughout the entire delivery.

My husband said to me "You should have screamed at least a little. Movies me isse zada pain dikha dete hai". It was as if my little angel had decided not to give any pain to her momma and to do all this work all alone. Seriously, she is a blessing and a miraculous baby. A virtue baby in true terms. Now when I see her she is really very patient, very calm, all smiles. I dont know, but some miracle happened that day.

I would like to thank each and every staff member who cared so much for me particularly Dr. Neelima who was on duty that night. Her caring and jovial nature really helped me.

My life has completely changed after that, but trust me it could not be any better or happier than this. In retrospect, I think I was so blessed to have an angel like Nitika mam with us. She has that magic which can actually make impossible possible.Thank you so much Mam, I m deeply obliged to you for giving me this beautiful gift.


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