Birth Story - Sneha


Hello everyone 😀

I am Sneha and I am 27 Year old.i am teacher by profession. I got married on 22 November 2019. I had a dream in December of a baby resembling with my husband face. My dream turn into reality.I convinced in December but it was all unplanned.just to be sure I checked it was all positive. I was very happy but on other hand little worried as I was not prepared mentally.

It was too early  But whatever happens, happens for good. My  husband told everything is going to be perfect "Do not  worry"  .I had already watched few virtue baby chat show with sister shivani  before marriage just out of curiosity so We booked appointment with Dr.nitika madam on Dec 24 but she was not available then we took appointment in month of January .we first met Dr. Nitika on 8 Jan .she  has positive aura. She msg  me all schedule of VB classes. I attended class till March. I tried to follow everything whatever was told in VB class.

I attended class till March. I tried to follow everything whatever was told in VB class . At  home , I started watching all VB video available on YouTube. I took complete break from job during my pregnancy. I regularly  did walking in evening with my headphone While walking I used to listen Bhagwat Geeta, motivational speech,awakening with bhramakumari , ashtavakra Geeta  and auideo book.

I decided to prepare for government teacher job along with pregnancy in January. I planned my time table . I used to do study for 8 hours . I wake up at  5: 30  Am every day , I used to went for walking , meditation from 6 am to 7: 30  am . After walking I would finish my household chores by 9 am then I go for my study from 10 am . I never did continue study. I did painting, I listened soulful music during rest time.  .By 10 pm we used to finished dinner . We used to narrate  our angel virtue story at night . my husband was always curious to know everyweek what will happen next. Now which organ will  develop.

He started talking to baby from January. But I felt  my Angel movement in 17 or 18 week.   Whenever my husband said  anything to baby she kicked. I was little anxious due to covid-19. But Dr. Nitika words removed all my anxiety.i started doing affirmation daily. my Angel is safe ,god powers is protection sheild around my baby....... Everything was smooth and comfortable for me.

My Angel cooperated with me from day 1.she never gave me any discomfort.i enjoyed my pregnancy. It was Golden phase of my life. We were very excited in July. We always told angel " babu jaldi se aa jao , we are egarly waiting to meet you".My angel listened my voice she came on 7 August 2020. It was my 37 week 3 days. My water broke . I was confused whether it is urine or water . I phone Nitika madam. I told her everything  over phone. She advised me to come to hospital. I was admitted at 12pm . I told madam that I  am not having any pain.she softly said , hamara Angel bina pain k ayega".

My intense  pain started  at 2pm   and I met my little Angel at 5: 16 pm in evening.I considered myself fortunate to have an experienced of smooth and healthy pregnancy under Nitika madam guidance. My Angel Mokshita  is really clam & peaceful, happy.

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