Birth Story - Shikha


This is shikha and i am a new mom to virtue baby Viaan. Nitika mam we are thankful to you for the perfect delivery of our Virtue Baby.

My pregnancy journey started in November last year. I got pregnant as soon as me and my husband planned for it. We were staying in Noida and my offfice was in Gurgaon.

I still remember i used to watch virtue baby videos while traveling to my office. But i never thought of doctor Nitika would be the one to bring our angel into this world. But i think everything is pre destined and happens for good.  When we shifted to Gurgaon, I went to Max to consult another doctor as i thought  doc nikita is famous she must have lots of patients and may not entertain us properly. But than something happened and i consulted mam on the same day instead of the other doctor we booked our appointment with.

We met Dr. Nitika and she cleared all the doubts me and my husband had. We were so lucky to have her as our doctor. She gave us all the strength and positivity throughout pregnancy. I am very  greatful to Nitika mam for bringing a tremendous shift in my physical mental and spiritual well-being during pregnancy. we could live that precious period just because of the awareness that she kept on sharing on their Virtue Baby videos.

I think there are always some challenges in every pregnancy, but when you have the right information, you do not panic but you act in the right direction. Same happened with me, whenever there was something wrong with the ultrasound, I knew the reasons and i used to say to my husband that its normal in this stage. Being pregnant is a bumpy ride especially during your  first pregnancy as you will have lots of questions from the beginning till the end but since i was following virtue baby channel, I had few challenges but they never bothered me because all the answers to my questions were there in the VB videos.

I never had to connect to nitika mam in between my routine checkups as i was aware of the changes that  would happen with my growing pregnancy. Infact for every stage of your pregnancy there are useful videos under this VB program. Nitika mam always says connect with your baby talk to your baby when in womb and it really works. I used to share everything with my baby.

When i was admitted to the hospital after spending almost 11 hours of labour at home by doing meditation listing to Virtue baby commentaries and talking to my baby, i was so relaxed even in pain. I still remember the time i was in labour room screaming after bearing almost 19 hours of pain Nitika mam came for my delivery and as soon as she entered the room the aura of the room changed. It was very comforting to have her presence in the room, I felt if the pain had gone as i was in safe hands and within 10 minutes our little angel was in my hands. Nitika mam was the angel to our baby for introducing him to this world.

Thankyou Nitika mam once again for being there throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery and providing all the important information through your videos to all the pregnant women and those who are planning for it. As much as i got to know you and could connect with you, who all consult must surrender them to you as nothing can go wrong when you are there. We love you️  and see you in a few years for the next one😊

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