Birth Story - Yashi & Kapil


Dear Nitika Mam,

I had a smooth pregnancy under your guidance. I visited you when I was 5months pregnant amd after coming out of your room,I was relieved from all the stress related to pregnancy from then onwards. I started watching your youtube videos which helped me a lot. Everytime I visited, you gave an affirmation.

On 2nd Jan when I came from checkup, you told me I was 2cm dilated and same day you gave me another affirmation "whenever yiu come next time Cervix should be 5-6 cm dilated."

on 12th Jan, I had to visit you again for check up and on the samw day I delivered my baby boy.

The best part is that I was 6-7 dilated, on 12th Jan and within 2 hrs delivery was done. It was possible because of the affirmation given by you.

I had a little complication after the normal delivery trust made me believe in you. Mam you kept on talking to me in tge OT which made the whole process smooth and relaxing for me. Now when I look at my baby, I feel so happy that you delivered hik with a beautiful prayer.

Thank you so much mam
Lots of love and respect for you

Happy Parentals
Yashi & Kapil

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