What happens when your baby behaves better… with others!

Baby 14th July 2017

Such is the strength of the maternal-child bond that poets and saints have written verses on the sanctity and the aura of this relationship. There is no better feeling when you ask your child to do something and he or she immediately obliges. However, there is nothing more frustrating for a mother when her child does not pay heed to her while immediately obeys to do the same thing when someone else asks the child to do it.

While mothers may find it annoying, such behaviour actually indicates the comfort that a child feels with her mother or the primary caregiver. Renowned gynaecologist Dr. Nitika Sobti says that a mother should take it as a compliment. Concord, California, naturopathic doctor Tara Levy confirms this 'unbelievably common' phenomenon and says, "The more comfortable a child is with their parent or primary caregiver, the more they act out, because they trust you'll be there for them no matter what they do. So it's sweet, but no fun for you."

She adds that parents may notice this behaviour especially after a day of day care or, later, preschool or school. "Your child works hard to hold it together all day in an environment where he's not totally comfortable," Levy explains. "Then he gets home and lets it all out."

However, if the behaviour of your child turns erratic wherein he or she indicates signs of behavioural problem, such as becoming unusually stressed or irritable frequently, Dr. Nitika Sobti suggests to consult a doctor to resolve the issue.

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