What 'not to eat' during pregnancy

Pregnancy 21st June 2017

Food is anyways the most important part of our everyday lives – it is said, 'what you are, is what you eat!' And a healthy, wholesome diet becomes even more pertinent when you are expecting a baby; because that nutrition is now nourishing two lives at a time. It is vital to eat all the 6 tastes to give positive energy to all the sensory organs. The mother should feel light, happy and satisfied after her meal.

However, a woman's body undergoes numerous changes during pregnancy. Thus, one needs to be cautious about certain food items during this phase as they can hamper the development of the child's consciousness and have the potential to cause serious consequences during pregnancy.

Raw Papaya: Latex present in raw papaya can trigger uterine contractions, which can cause miscarriage in early pregnancy. Papain and pepsin can also cause fetal developmental issues. Strictly avoid throughout pregnancy.

Hing (Asafoetida): Refrain from consuming asafoetida in any form as it increases the body temperature, which may pose risk for a pregnant woman.

Fenugreek seeds: Methi Dana is widely used to start menstruation and treat hormonal disorders as it contains phytoestrogens. It is also given after delivery to aid in milk production for breast-feeding. However, during pregnancy it is advisable to avoid high doses of methi dana or fenugreek seeds because its heat tendency may induce contractions.

Pineapple: During the early stages of pregnancy, pineapple may cause uterine contractions, as it contains Bromelain, which can soften the cervix and can start labor. Hence, strictly avoid pineapple during first trimester.

Avoid consuming half-cooked non-vegetarian food items or uncooked eggs as they may contain Salmonella virus.

High salt food items and street food: It is advisable to avoid food items containing high salt like fried snacks and processed cheese as it can cause water retention. Try not to sprinkle extra salt on the salads. Though pregnancy brings along craving for spicy and tempting food preparations, refrain from unhygienic street food as one cannot afford to have diarrhoea or stomach infection at this stage.

Like the ones mentioned above, there are several food items that one need to tick off the list during pregnancy. Get access to free counselling and advice by experts such as Dr. Nitika Sobti and attend Virtue Baby workshops, or get a Virtue Baby kit at your doorstep.

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