Birth Story - Upasana Gandhi Sachdeva


Journey being a virtue baby’s mother

My pregnancy journey began with loads of planning and thoughtful deeds. From the very beginning itself, I wanted to inculcate all the goodness in the soul harboring inside me. Alike others, I too wanted a baby who would always listen to me; take care of me; have all the goodness within and every other good thing and thought should be a part of it. I started reading books and blogs about pregnancy and parenting as a whole.

One fine day I came across a YouTube channel “Virtue Baby”. I began watching the videos. While going through all these videos, I met Dr. Nitika virtually (where I was able to see & listen to the doctor but she wasn’t aware of me) and began with my understanding of giving birth to a virtue baby. I kept on listening to the amazing videos and went on to nurturing and connecting with my baby in the womb. I got the knowledge of birth psychology, prenatal care, inculcation of good values and morals in my baby. I went for regular walks with my husband; we did yoga and regularly sat together and had a word with our baby no matter what and began to bond with our little bundle of joy. I continued my journey from being a pregnant lady to the mother of a virtue baby by listening and watching over those videos over and over again till 30 weeks of pregnancy.

It was in the 29th week that the urge to meet Dr. Nitika Sobti grew so strong that I fought with the appointment team of the hospital to fix an appointment with her irrespective of her schedule. We met and connected very well on the first day itself. I cleared all my doubts and began by telling her that I’m her fan; fan of her voice; fan of the knowledge she possesses; fan of her as a gynecologist. We went on to nurture my baby through the counseling sessions and prenatal classes. People came and always enquired about how I was not getting any pregnancy stress or things similar to that; to that, I always had a smile in reply.

My EDD was 14th October 2017. I wasn’t having any pains until 13th October. I called her to which she replied ‘come, meet me and we’ll have a checkup’. I went in for artificial pains that day and my active labor began on the next day at around 5 pm. The birth canal had a very tiny opening of around 2cm until that time. I don’t know what and how things were working that dilation of 2cm went on to full dilation within 5 hours. My baby was out in the labor room itself. I delivered a healthy baby boy effortlessly on 14th October 2017 (my EDD) at 10 pm. We’ve named our son as Dheer. Dheer and I did immediate skin to skin contact. We clicked our very first pictures there in the OT. My son could breastfeed within no time.

I’m so thankful to her for giving me such a remarkable pregnancy journey and exceptional birthing experience.

  Thank you so much for this baby full of virtues. 

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